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Loco Roco review

Loco Roco - PSP

Attempting to move around big, fat, floating orbs of goo sounds a lot like what's going on in our arteries after way too many Doritos and gummy worm binges. But that's not your concern. What you should be more focused on is how to get a PSP and play Loco Roco, a delightful puzzle game that many felt was a bit too easy while still remaining totally addictive.

Tetris DS - DS

It's Tetris, but with Nintendo characters milling about. If that sounds like a winner, you have a lot in common with the suits who sat around at Nintendo brainstorming this concept. While not all of the myriad of Nintendo-themed Tetris games are up to snuff, there are many that will capture the hearts of puzzle fans. Although we agree that you shouldn't mess with a classic like Tetris, we'll allow it this one time.
Tetris DS review
Exit review

Exit - PSP

Taito and Ubisoft came together in some bizarre hybrid experiment, possibly not unlike the one that created Brundle-Fly, to create this wildly entertaining action puzzler. You have to help people escape the levels before times runs out and it will require more brain capacity than you've got - trust us. The artistic direction alone of Exit is worth buying the game for, but luckily for you as Matt Daman's character in "Good Will Hunting" would say, "It's wicked awesome!"

Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Minutes A Day! - DS

We don't know about you, but our brains were fried a looooooong time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The name of that galaxy? College. But fear not, burnt-out, brain-dead losers of the world, Nintendo has created a novel way to help you, help yourself get smarter! You'll be throwing away that drool cup in no time! Play Brain Age everyday until you die and on your death bed, you might actually remember that you wasted everyday of your life playing Brain Age. Still, it's fun though and very unique. That being said, "KEGGER PARTY!"

Brain Age  review


Racing Game of the Year

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