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Need For Speed Carbon review

Need For Speed Carbon - multi

Once again players will start at the bottom of the heap as a complete loser and work their way up to be the king of the underground street scene, which for most of you is just like real life - minus the working your way up to the king of the underground street scene part. Taking back the streets has an entirely new meaning in Carbon and you'll have to race for your life if you want to conquer Palmont.

Burnout Revenge - multi

Do you have what it takes to get your revenge on the sleaziest, sociopathic drivers in the world? I mean, these guys seriously want to kill you. Who rams someone into a concrete pillar? Hopefully you do, otherwise you'll be bringing up the rear in Burnout Revenge, where skilled driving takes a backseat to murderous vehicular impulses. Revenge sports white-knuckle racing, killer visuals and death-defying crashes that you know the little virtual dudes inside the vehicles didn't walk away from. You just know it.
Burnout Revenge review
Ridge Racer 7 review

Ridge Racer 7 - PS3

No one ever accused Namco's Ridge Racer series of being realistic, but you haven't lived until you've drifted around a corner at 300 MPH completely sideways. Namco's had a tradition of providing a new Ridge Racer game for every launch of a Sony system and the PS3 was no exception. Fans loved it, racing purists hate it and others will play it just because it's an exclusive game for their shiny new expensive toy.

Tourist Trophy - PS2

Polyphony Digital took some time off from developing the next Gran Turismo for the PS3 to deliver a guilty little pleasure. Tourist Trophy is a hot motorcycle racing sim, that takes its physics as well as its racing very seriously. If you've got the patient streak to learn how to control these pocket rockets on the road, you'll love every second of TT. If you're more from the Ridge Racer school of racing, TT will make you cry like a baby, even in Arcade mode which is more forgiving. Reserved for only the best and most patient gamers.

Tourist Trophy review


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