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Company of Heroes review

Company of Heroes - PC

Strategy in war? Who needs strategy in war? That's useless busy work, just ask Donald Rumsfeld. But if you just happen to be a stickler for micro-management and details but crave action, then you're going to love Company of Heroes which re-ignites our passion for WW2 strategy games and overhauls a dead in the water genre. It's accessible to even those who haven't played an RTS before and just like in real war, there's rarely a dull moment. We hope Relic is already hard at work on CoH2!

LOTR: Battle For Middle-earth II - X360/PC

Who would have ever thought these strange characters conjured up by some middle-aged fedora-wearing nerd would be so insanely popular decades later? Well I would have, but I'm far smarter than you. If you're an LOTR fan and have wanted to drive your redneck friend's pickup truck over the more recent hack n' slash LOTR games based on the movies, Battle for Middle-earth II will most likely be something you're interested in, especially if you enjoyed the original. Well, duh.

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth 2 review
Metal Gear Acid 2 review

Metal Gear Ac!d 2 - PSP

If you play your cards right, Solid Snake will save the world. If you don't, everyone will be playing 52 pick up...with their own body parts! Metal Gear Ac!d 2 continues the card-combat functionality of the original but adds more cards, more action and a bizarre 3D mode which allows you to spy on scantily-clad Japanese women. Uh, yeah... While the gameplay isn't as accessible as MGS: Portable Ops, it's still easy enough for anyone to get into. Highly recommended for those who want something almost completely different.

Age of Empires: The Age of Kings - DS

If we were Kings, we'd probably boss everyone around. Okay, replace 'probably' with 'definitely'. Sorry, we're just that way. In Age of Empires: The Age of Kings you can do just that - take control of your empire and make everyone do what you want! If you succeed, your serf pals will have to refrain from calling you 'ass-breath' or suffer the repercussions. If you fail, well, let's just say failure ain't an option when you want to be king of the world! Now someone bring me a big ol' turkey leg, cuz dictating all of this rhetoric to my slave has made me hungry!

Age of Empires: Age of Kings review
Star Wars: Empire At War review

Star Wars: Empire At War - PC

If you consider yourself a Star Wars rebel, now you're in luck. Play as the Rebels in your bid to stop the evil Empire from taking over the galaxy or play as the Empire and crush the rebellion at its heart. Take the fight into space or battle on the ground on a variety of planets. During key battles players can even call in the big guns like Obi Wan or Darth and put their powers to good use. Just remember not to offer Darth a bite of your peanut butter sandwich when you're on the front lines with him. He's got a wicked nasty peanut allergy deal going on. Don't say we didn't warn you.


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