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Madden NFL 07 review

Madden NFL 07 - multi

We have three words for you: Lead Blocking Control! LBC changed the face of Madden, and we admit that it makes the game far too much fun. We really don't know how to stop playing it. Some people called Madden over-rated but when we asked to play their football video games, they shyly slunked away with an embarrassed look on their faces. Ha! Jaded Know-it-all posers! When you grab that ball and start creating holes for your receivers, you'll agree that it's an all new way to play!

Fight Night Round 3 - X360

Fight Night Round 2 ripped my thumb apart so badly due to the C stick on the Cube controller, that I'm honestly glad EA chose not to port it to that system this year. With my patented Gel-Tabz in place on my X360 controller, I was ready to punch a few more faces this year without suffering "boxer's thumb", cuz, man that ouches. EA delivered the most realistic looking and playing boxing game to date with FNR3.

Fight Night Round 3 review
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - multi

We swing with the best of 'em and therefore we love's our Tiger Woods around here. Every year EA tweaks, yanks, squeezes and wrings some more excellence out of its stable of programmers to create an even better golfing experience and 07 was no exception. The only thing that will make this game the best game ever created in the history of the universe is if EA can somehow program a real life drink chick to drive up into our office every once in awhile and offer us beer while we hit the links. Free beer, why of course.

NBA 2K7 - multi

We remember Visual Concept's NBA 2K for the Dreamcast wayback when and we're glad that this excellent B-ball game is still bouncing around - unlike VC's equally impressive NFL 2K series. We'd have to recommend the next gen version of NBA 2K7 over the others simply for its smooth luscious visuals, which makes ballhandling a piece of cake.

NBA 2K7 review
Table Tennis review

Table Tennis - X360

Like most everyone else, we thought that Rockstar was pranking us with the announcement of their ping pong game. We were waiting for the violent punchline like "It's Table Tennis...but with serial killers, murder and blood!" Once we played it though, we still thought "It could use more serial killers, murder and blood", but once we played it some more, we realized they weren't kidding and we actually liked it. Okay truth be told, we're still waiting for Rockstar to release a code that enables "serial killers, murder and blood" and we plan on waiting in the pumpkin patch with Linus until it happens. Don't tell mom!


Xtreme Sports Game of the Year

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