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Genre Awards: Best Xtreme Sports Game of 2006

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw! review

WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2007 - X360

What you're looking at here is one of the finest wrestling games ever to be released. Gone are the dismal memories of those crappy Raw games released on the Xbox; they can't hurt you anymore. Even with its hard-htting excellence there is still room for improvement and we're darn sure that Yukes and THQ will exploit the next gen systems to deliver just that in the coming years.

Tony Hawk's Project 8 - X360

You can't get more "Xtreme" than the X-games man himself, Tony Hawk. Evolving the formula even further from the Underground games, Project 8 simultaneously gave fans more of what they wanted while raising the benchmark of their expectations. We're not sure where Tony Hawk and his series will go from here, but we're kind of wondering if the guys at Neversoft are allowed to leave the building... we're guessing "no".

Tony Hawk's Project 8 review
Wii Sports review

Wii Sports - Wii

It doesn't have the nicest graphics, the games aren't particularly deep, the player models are simplistic and the sound is 'meh' why can we not stop playing this game? We think Nintendo found the ingredient that makes people crave KFC for a fortnight and sprinkled it into each Wii Sports title. Even though she ain't a looker, she sure is a player. Playing Wii Sports with the Wii-mote is unlike anything we've experienced and that's why we keep coming back. You will too. The fact that it's free in North America makes us all feel a little special. The 'good' special.

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam - DS

Who got their SSX mixed up with my Tony Hawk? Looks like Vicarious Visions is the culprit.We didn't think this kind of bizarre hybrid of game would work with Tony Hawk, but it turns out we were wrong. Downhill Jam is a lot of fast-paced fun once you wrap your noggin around the fact that this isn't your typical Tony Hawk game. We're also very pleased to announced that the DS version looks as great as it plays.

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam box art


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