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Worst Overall Game of the Year

Worst Game Overall - 2006

ou know, our mother's always told us "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Then we grew up to be game critics. Oh, the irony!

As we always mention in our "Worst Game Overall" category, the title is really kind of a misnomer. There are far worse games available than what you'll find on our list, but the games mentioned here are the ones that could have been contenders, but failed miserably due to a myriad of problems. That's not to suggest these games should be treated fairly or even kindly, heck no, you should club them immediately upon recognition.

Here are the nominees for the Worst Game of 2006 - we hope you don't have any of them in your collection.

Hummer Badlands review

Hummer Badlands - PS2

This game was just plain evil and we'll tell you why. It was obviously designed for people who wanted the feeling of driving a Hummer but couldn't actually afford one in real life. But the game blew so hard that it became a harsh reminder of just how much of a loser the consumers were who bought it. Not only could they NOT afford a real Hummer, they weren't even smart enough to buy a good game! Now that's gotta hurt.

Gangs of London - PSP

To really get into Gangs of London and immerse yourself into the reality of the gameplay mechanics, you have to imagine your character is brain-damaged and doesn't quite have the use of his faculties. His motor skills are wonky and his concentration and aiming is pretty bad. If Gangs of London was a movie, it would most likely be the sequel to Johnny Knoxville's Special Olympics comedy "The Ringer" except this time, Johnny's character tries to take down the London! Ha ha ha! I'm laughing already, but you won't be if you paid for this shite.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories review
Torino Winter Olympics 2006 review

Torino Winter Olympics 2006 - PS2

Speaking of Special Olympics.... look what we've got here. Another crappy Olypmics game. I mean, what were the chances of that happening again? Who is buying these games? Is it lethargic chubby's who sit on the couch night and day and get motivated once every four years to participate in some video game athletics thinking they'll be getting some exercise? Stop making these games because we're actually running out of rude comments when we review them. Thanks!

True Swing Golf - DS

Calling your game "True Swing Golf" when you're really not providing a true swing at all is kind of sleazy, isn't it? Last time I played 18 holes of real golf with my Nintendo DS stylus instead of my clubs, I have to admit, I kind of sucked pretty hard. Not surprisingly so does True Swing Golf. Avoid this game as though you owe it money.
True Swing Golf review
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire  review

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire - PS3

You stood in line for hours in the cold, you may have been shot at, robbed or had to listen to guys in line telling their World of Warcraft stories, you at least shelled out close to $1000 for the PS3, if not more via eBay or other means...and you bought that extra special PS3 exclusive Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire because you're just such a Gundam fanboy. You already know the rest of the story - Crossfire sucks gigantic robot nuts! Not those kind of nuts silly, we're talking about bolts, nuts, know, that kind of stuff. This is one of those times that if some kid on the schoolyard says "I designed Crossfire for the PS3" you might actually believe he's telling the truth because it looks and plays like one moron created it in his basement. For shame!

Bomberman: Act Zero - X360

Whose idea was it to totally hippify (hip-if-eye) Bomberman? Did I wake up in an alternate universe where Bomberman's original gameplay was terrible and needed retooling or wtf? If this game was the last game on earth and I had some time to kill, yeah, I'd probably play it, I mean, what else am I going to play? Did you think I was going to say "Nah, I wouldn't play it even then." Well, sorry. If it's the last game on earth, I have to justify spending major cash on the X360, otherwise my wife will kill me. But since it ain't the last game on earth, there is no reason for anyone to play this terrible, unwanted, unnecesary full-priced piece of trash.

Bomberman: Act Zero review
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