You May Already Be A Winner

CCC, how do you win prizes on the message boards? i have recently became a member and i still havn't won nothing. i have about 120 posts already and people who have less then that are winning stuff. what do i have to do to win a game or posters thanks

Jake Lyu


Our motto on the boards is "Quality Prizes For Quality Posts". This means that if you are contributing member of the CCC boards and you are posting frequently AND the posts you write are well thought out, featuring correct grammar and spelling - you might win a prize. We handpick our winners because we want to reward members who make the CCC Boards a great place to hang out. We won't be giving out anything to members who spam the boards with useless topics or replies just to increase their rankings. We won't reward members who use profanity or insult other members for their opinions. We give prizes out to the cream of the crop. If you want to be the cream of the crop, simply look at posts from previous board members who have won prizes and try to be like them.

Good luck!


Mirror Mirror on the Wall....

Hey Vauhgn

You seem to know a lot about the next game systems. Can you tell me what the best one is going to be? I want PS3 but my friends are saying Xbox 360 is going to be better. I have to start saving money now so I need to know which one I should save for. If you could write me back that will be cool. Okay.



I can't honestly tell you what the next gen system will be, because I haven't played them yet. No one can. You'll have to wait and see what each system offers when they are released and then make up your mind at that point. Don't bother listening to anyone.

Let me put it this way, if today, your friends told you that Spider-Man 3 the movie sucked and that you shouldn't see it when it comes out in 2007, what would you say? You'd say "Screw you guys. They haven't even started filming the movie yet, how do you know whether it's good or bad?" The same goes for the next gen systems.

You can only judge a system by its games, so you're going to have to wait. Of course, start saving.


A 32 Year Old Who Has Never Been Kissed

Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 09:45:54 -0400
To: <>
Subject: heres a good question

ok my name is jason im 32 years old i was wondering if you knew the code for the adult content in san andreas where you can do the porno movie i know many games have been pulled off shelfs because of this material, i would like to see what this is all about so if you could fill me in as to how to access this part of the game that would be great thank you for your time JASON


Ah, I remember the innocence of being 32! Those were curious times, my friend. I almost envy you. You're going through that wonderful, experimental period of life where you are beginning to wonder what girls look like naked and how babies are made. It seems like only 6 years ago that I went through that myself...oh WAS 6 years ago.

Most normal people tend to go through this phase when they are 12 or 13, but the nerd species almost certainly experiences these changes in their bodies and hormones anywhere between the ages of 29 - 40, sometimes even later depending on their addiction to Dungeons & Dragons or Yu-Gi-Oh. It is believed the constant exposure to comic books, cartoons and anime, PEZ, role playing board or videogames and J-Pop slows the maturing process to a crawl in certain individuals. If you suspect you might be a nerd, look around at your surroundings and check off anything you might see:

Nerd Check List

  • Posters with giant robots (mechs) or females from fantasy games or books
  • T-shirts emblazoned with pop culture characters
  • Absence of girlfriend
  • Action figures out of the packaging
  • DVD's containing adult anime hidden under your bed so mom can't find them and freak out
  • Numerous forum board memberships
  • A dirty bedroom which mom hasn't cleaned yet

If you select more than one of the items, chances are you're a bonafied nerd. In any event, we aren't allowed to tell you how to access the Hot Coffee mod because you're just not ready for it. You'll have to wait until your at least 40. The only other way we could possibly help you out, is if your aunt were to contact us, but that seems highly improbable.


Relatives Helping Relatives

Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 17:23:58 -0400
Subject: about ps2 grand theft auto

my nephew is 16 years old and owns this game and i heard something on the news about xxx scenes and i was wondering ho wis it that they are able to get to this scene my nephew has pages and pages of info but io dont know much about this whole gaming thing so i have no clue what im looking at. do yoou what i should look for on his list? thank you concerned aunt !

My goodness! Speak of the devil. It's someone's aunt!

It fills my heart with gladness that you're looking out for your nephew. Not every aunt out there would be willing to find out how to access the hardcore game sequences in their nephews favorite game, just so she could view them herself first, before deciding whether or not her nephew is "ready" to view this kind of material. I salute you!

Unfortunately, if you've read the email above, you'll see that your nephew will have to wait at least another 16-20 years before he is ready to view said material. That's not simply my opinion, but the law of nerd biology talking.

Feel free to contact us in the year 2021 and we'll see what we can do.


Double Standards In San Andreas

Hey people,
I just thought you should know who the Peaceoholics are. The individuals that make up the organization are African-American protesters, and as you all probably know, the main character in GTA:SA is an African-American man named Carl. You might also know that in the preceeding GTA video games, you could rob banks and kill police officers and also pregnant women (if you could find them). Well, in those games, the main character was a caucasian male named Tommy Vercetti. These games weren't banned, and I don't recall any protests against them. This group called the Peaceoholics is upset over a harmless video game because of the depiction of a black man committing the aforesaid crimes.

Peace out,



You raise a good point. Thanks for your input.


Bullying Bully


I read on your site that Bully is banned now to. I was looking forward to that game by rockstar who did san andreas. But now it looks like it won't come out at all. Is it coming out or not.


Don't worry Marin. There are some concerned individuals who are hoping that Bully will be banned, but they are basing their opinions on the idea and concept of Bully, rather than the actual game which isn't completed yet. Due to the hot water Rockstar is in over the Hot Coffee mod in GTA: San Andreas - a celebrity once said "There is no such thing as bad publicity" - Bully has recently come under fire primarily due to the instant connotation of the title and the experiences it conjures up.

Miami's Jack Thompson has already managed to compare Bully's videogame hijinks with the tragic incident at Columbine High School in April 1999, even though the main character's weapons of choice in Bully appears to be his fists and slingshot, not high powered rifles.

Bully is currently being developed by Rockstar Vancouver and unless the US decides to waive everyone's right to free choice, you will be playing it in the Fall.