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Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they?

Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they? article

7. Dragon Quest IX (Nintendo DS)

RPG fans know that Square-Enix loves to drag its heels with development. Dragon Quest IX's Japanese release was delayed at least twice, missing its initially projected 2007 release date by two years. The game finally hit its native Nippon last July, but mum's been the word from S-E on a U.S. release since then. At first the company was "evaluating releasing the game outside of Japan". Then they announced cryptically that if DQIX would be released here, it would only be after April 2010, which basically means they're still "evaluating," only this time they're giving a date on how long they can stall until making a real announcement.


But seriously, why else would they go through the trouble of hyping the release of the DS "trilogy" made up of DQ's IV-VI (VI being noticeably absent from their current release schedule as well)? If there's one thing S-E likes more than torturing its fans with ridiculous wait times, it's getting their money. While we're at it, where's our localization of the PSP's The Third Birthday? And how about a remake of Vagrant Story, Since we're going to waiting anyway? Expect some sort of announcement sometime in April.

Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they? article

6. Cave Story (Wiiware)

Cave Story has been an ongoing almost-tragedy since it was first announced that the 2004 Japanese the Metroid-style indie title would be localized for Wiiware. A summer 2009 release for the Wii was planned, came and went with no actual game to show for it; even after Nintendo had a pretty-much completely done version of retro-themed game on the PAX '09 show floor, nothing happened and they were keeping quiet on the issue. Then, last month, news surfaced that Cave Story was being re-submitted to Nintendo for evaluation. The only thing Nintendo could've possibly rejected the game for in the first place would be a lack of quality, but seeing as how the original game's creator, Daisuke Amaya, is overseeing the Wiiware version, it seems unlikely. Regardless, Cave Story has had more game of the insert-time-period/genre/whathaveyou-here accolades thrown at it than you could shake a mountain of sticks at, so we're all in for a treat. Nicalis promises there will be an announcement regarding an official release soon.

Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they? article

5. Rage (PS3)

Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they? article

John Carmack says it'll be done "when it's done". Guess that answers that question.

4. The Grinder (Wii)

Haven't heard of The Grinder? You're probably not alone. This follow up from the guys who made The Conduit hasn't kept a particularly high profile since its debut earlier this year. So what is it? You might say if someone mixed up the tropes of horror movies and the all-the-rage grindhouse-y style and threw it in a giant blender with vampieres, zombies, werewolves, the blood of innocent women, children and virgin sacrifices and a penchant for the word "The" in your games' titles, you might get The Grinder. Maybe. The game, which is setting its sights on Left 4 Dead-style online co-op play, hasn't been seen post-E3, where everyone was quite excited about it. Right now the game is pointing to a vague release timeframe of "sometime next year," while the official website has the even more ambiguous "coming soon". By all accounts this one seems to be on track, but don't expect it until late 2010 at the latest. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll throw on a subtitle containing an extra "the" before then.

Top 10 Missing Games - Where are they? article

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