Dragon Warrior Monsters

Strategy Guide

Note: This game is also titled Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland.

Game Shark Codes

Note: You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes in a Game Boy Color system.

Infinite Money01FF4BCA
Infinite HP 1st Slot (In-Battle)01FFA3DB
Infinite MP 1st Slot (In-Battle)01FFC3DB
Max Attack 1st Slot (In-Battle)01FFE3DB
Infinite HP 2nd Slot (In-Battle)01FFA5DB
Infinite MP 2nd Slot (In-Battle)01FFC5DB
Max Attack 2nd Slot (In-Battle)01FFE5DB
Infinite HP 3rd Slot (In-Battle)01FFA7DB
Infinite MP 3rd Slot (In-Battle)01FFC7DB
Max Attack 3rd Slot (In-Battle)01FFE7DB
Hale Codes
Max Attack01FF43CC
Max Defense01FF45CC
Max Agility01FF47CC
Max Intelligence01FF49CC
No Wildness01004BCC
Slib Codes
Max Attack01FF19CB
Max Defense01FF1BCB
Max Agility01FF1DCB
Max Intelligence01FF1FCB
No Wildness010021CB
Golm Codes
Max Attack01FFD8CC
Max Defense01FFDACC
Max Agility01FFDCCC
Max Intelligence01FFDECC
No Wildness0100E0CC
Face Codes
Max Attack01FF97CE
Max Defense01FF99CE
Max Agility01FF9BCE
Max Intelligence01FF9DCE
No Wildness01009FCE
Buky Codes
Max Attack01FF02CE
Max Defense01FF04CE
Max Agility01FF06CE
Max Intelligence01FF08CE
No Wildness01000ACE
Dran Codes
Max Attack01FF6DCD
Max Defense01FF6FCD
Max Agility01FF71CD
Max Intelligence01FF73CD
No Wildness010075CD
Fang Codes
Max Attack01FF56D0
Max Defense01FF58D0
Max Agility01FF5AD0
Max Intelligence10FF5CD0
No Wildness01005ED0
Wrex Codes
Max Attack01FF80D1
Max Defense01FF82D1
Max Agility01FF84D1
Max Intelligence01FF86D1
No Wildness010088D1
Slio Codes
Max Attack01FF15D2
Max Defense01FF17D2
Max Agility01FF19D2
Max Intelligence01FF1BD2
No Wildness01001DD2

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