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Save the game once to unlock the Bestiary under the "Extra" option at the main menu.

Music Player

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Music Player under the "Extra" option at the main menu.

Dragon's Den dungeon

Defeat the eight Dragons in the World Of Ruin to unlock the Dragon's Den dungeon in the northwest part of the world map.

Soul Shrine dungeon

Successfully complete the Dragon's Den dungeon and complete the game to unlock the Soul Shrine dungeon on one of the small islands north of Mobliz.

Save Cid

When you need to catch some fish for Cid, make sure to catch the fast ones and give them to Cid to save his life. If you catch the slow ones and give them to Cid, he will die because the slow ones are sick fish.

Save Shadow

When the world is collapsing on the Floating Continent and you only have six minutes to get off, go to the end where you can jump down to the airship. Instead of jumping, wait and do not move. When there is five seconds left on the clock, Shadow will appear and jump down to the airship with you instead of dying.

Save and heal almost anywhere in multi-team dungeons

Have one of your teams in a multi-team dungeon move to a save point. Then, switch to one of your other teams. As long as you remain stationary with this second team, you can save your game as well as use a Sleeping Bag or Tent for quick healing. If your party moves out of place or if you want to save or use a Tent again later, just switch back to the team at the save point. Then, switch back to the party you wish to save/heal with, remain on one space, then do as you want.

Easy Diabolos Magicite

The following trick allows you to get the Diabolos Magicite without having to defeat the Kaiser Dragon, the hardest Boss in the game. First, reach the Kaiser Dragon in the Dragon's Den and stand directly in front of him without pressing A to initiate the fight. Go to your menu and select "Equip", then go into any of your characters' equip screen. After checking your equipment in front of the Kaiser Dragon, exit the menu and hold Forward to walk through the Kaiser Dragon and be able to proceed without fighting him. Then, walk to the shiny light, collect the Diabolos Magicite, and take the warp back outside of the dungeon. Note: This will not unlock the Soul Shrine. You must defeat the Kaiser Dragon normally to unlock it.

Get Mythril Pike and Mythril Shield early

While in the mines during the save Terra scenario with Locke and the Moogles, go to Mog's party and unequip Mog of his Mythril Pike and Mythril Shield.

Extra experience for Terra

At the beginning when you first enter Narshe with the two imperial soldiers, use Terra's (??????) fire magic to kill off the two guards. All of the experience will be directed to Terra, a main character.


The Intangir enemy can no longer be affected by the Vanish-Doom trick.

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