Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

Strategy Guide


Reverse Rebirth mode

Successfully complete the game with Sora the first time through. After that, when you load a new game you will get an option for Reverse Rebirth mode, where you will control Riku.

Link mode

Successfully complete the game with Sora the first time through to unlock Link mode.

Ultima Weapons

Successfully complete the game in Reverse Rebirth mode to have Sora's Ultma Weapons available for purchase in Moogle Shops.

Bambi summon card

Lead Pooh out of the 100 Acre Wood to get the Bambi summon card.

Blazing Donald Skill card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in Agrabah to get the Blazing Donald Skill card.

Cloud summon card

Defeat Hades to get the Cloud summon card.

Diamond Dust card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in the Coliseum to get the Diamond Dust card.

Dumbo summon card

Successfully complete the Monstro level to get the Dumbo summon card.

Genie summon card

Defeat Jafar to get the Genie summon card.

Gravity Raid Skill card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in Halloween Town to get the Gravity Raid Skill card.

Lionheart card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in Traverse Town to get the Lionheart card.

Metal Chocobo card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in the Coliseum to get the Metal Chocobo card.

Mushu summon card

Use the Golden Bar card to open a door. The Mushu summon card will randomly appear behind one of the doors. Alternately, open the Key Of Rewards door in Hollow Bastion to get the Mushu summon card.

One-Winged Angel card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in Hollow Bastion or the Coliseum to get the One-Winged Angel card.

Simba summon card

Defeat Guard Armor to get the Simba summon card. Note: When using the Simba summon card, enemies will flee to behind Simba so that they will not get hurt. Use Simba at the edge of the battle screen, and you have a high chance to hit every enemy there.

Spellbinder card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in Traverse Town to get the Spellbinder card.

Stop Raid Skill card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in Wonderland to get the Stop Raid Skill card.

Thunder Raid Skill card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in Neverland to get the Thunder Raid Skill card.

Tinkerbell summon card

Defeat Captain Hook to get the Tinkerbell summon card.

Water Splash Skill card

Open the Key Of Rewards door in Monstro to get the Water Splash Skill card.

Combining cards

To combine cards, press the L + R. The maximum you can combine is three. When three cards are combined, press L + R again to activate the cards.

Strong card deck

When adding cards to your deck, if you choose a card (for example, a card value of 0 or 9), then exit the screen and go back, you may choose the same card (when otherwise that card becomes locked). If you repeat the process you can build a deck with all 0's, 9's, or a combination of strong attack, magic and Boss cards.

Casting high level magic

Combine magic spell cards by pressing L + R during battle. To cast level 2 magic spells, combine two of the same type of cards. The number does not matter. For example, 2 x Fire = Fira, 2 x Blizzard = Blizzara, 2 x Thunder = Thundara, 2 x Cure = Cura. To cast level 3 magic spells, combine three of the same type of cards. The number does not matter. For example, 3 x Fire = Firaga, 3 x Blizzard = Blizzaga, 3 x Thunder = Thundaga, 3 x Cure = Curaga.

Cloud using Cross-Slash

Combining Cloud's magic spell cards by pressing L + R during battle. In order to use Cross-Slash, you must combine 2 x Cloud magic cards.

Cloud using Omnislash

Combine Cloud magic spell cards by pressing L + R during battle. In order to use Omnislash, you must combine 3 x Cloud magic cards.

Goofy Tornado Attack

When you receive three Goofy cards, combine them and activate them to summon Goofy. Goofy will then start spinning around you. To take advantage of this, walk near you opponent close enough so that Goofy can attack them.


You need Mega-Ether + Mega-Elixir + any item card. To get Mega-Elixir, go to Destiny Island. It is in the Key Of Rewards room.

Mega Flare

You need Mushu + Fire + Fire cards. To get Mushu, go to Hollow Bastion. It is in the Key Of Rewards room.

Ending bonus

After defeating Ansem in Reverse Rebirth mode, you will see some pictures of a man in a white outfit, also known as the mysterious "Dual Wielder" seen in the Kingdom Hearts "Special Secret" Trailer. It is also rumored that you can play as the Dual Wielder in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Getting cards

Successfully complete the game with both Riku and Sora to get Ansem, Ultima Weapon, diamond Dust, One Winged Angel, and Lexaeus cards. Then, go to Castle Oblivion and use either Calm Bounty or False Bounty to get those cards.

Easy Moogle Points

Enter a room with barrels and defeat all the Heartless. Then, smash the barrels. One of three things will happen. Green spheres (HP) will appear; red spheres (Moogle Points) will appear; or it will turn into a Barrel Spider. Collect the spheres then leave the room. Immediately reenter the room and repeat. If it turns into a Barrel Spider, run away. Note: If you defeat the last Barrel Spider in a battle and it does not explode, you will get the Barrel Spider card. Additionally, the best place to get Moogle Points is Traverse Town.

Powerful deck

In order to do this, fill Sora's deck with nothing but ones. Then, put a Powerwild card in the deck and go to battle. Activate the Powerwild, then the ones will become nines. Note: The Powerwild card to can be obtained at the Coliseum. If you use it a lot to battle, the ones will turn to a three.


You can still hit doors after you use cards to open them. Use different cards to get items, battles, etc.

Skip dialogue sequences

During dialogue sequences that you have already viewed, hold Start until the game skips them. Note: This cannot be done for the animated intermission sequences.

In-game reset

While playing the game, press Select + Start + A + B.


After you complete Reverse Rebirth mode and Riku is walking down the roads and reaches the split, he will talk to DIZ. When he chooses his road, DIZ will say "twilit" instead of "twilight".

Defeating Ansem

In order to defeat him you must have full HP, 15 AP, and 60 DP. When you are battling him, press Select and choose "Parasite Cage". Destroy his Sleight Bind because you will not see what sleight he is going to use. After that, card break him until you are in Dark mode. Then, activate Malifecant Dragon to go into Overdrive because it does more damage. When you do not have her anymore, activate Jafar so that Ansem will not cardbreak you. Finally, do not use your sleights. Normal attacks are better because Ansem will cardbreak it, or just use Guard with his Heartless Guardian. You must stock up on Mickey cards so that you can restore HP, or use Ogie Boogie so that he can restore your HP.

Defeating Captain Hook

When fighting Captain Hook, never use Thunder, Thundara, or Thundaga. It is a waste, as thunder does not affect him.

Defeating Marluxia

To defeat Marluxia you must have maximum health and 820 card power. When that is done, put three or four cure cards. You then have to destroy the two swords. Do not worry -- he will not pay attention to them. Finally, cardbreak him. You will then see the lock on him; then attack. Note: You cannot attack him until you cardbreak him. You can tell you can attack by when the lock shows on him.

Defeating Monstro

To defeat him is to use attack cards. Magic and Summon spells only take away 1 HP, but attack cards do some real damage.

Defeating Oogie

When Oogie throws out three die, hit one of them to make one of the three gates he is in to stop rotating. Do this three times. You cannot hurt him until all three gates are down.

Defeating Riku

If your having trouble beating your Riku Replacia in Reverse Rebirth mode, use the following trick. Stock your three Nines cards but do not use them. Wait for him to use the enemy card that gives him Slight Lock. Use Darkside to copy it. Go Dark and use the three Nines to do Dark Aura, which will take an entire health bar off. Either attack him or immediately reload. Because you have Slight Lock, you will still have all three Nine cards instead of losing the first one as usual. Do Dark Aura again. After he reaches one health bar, he becomes more defensive and uses a lot of 0 cards. You may not be able to do Dark Aura a third time. However, you can wait until he uses all his cards and has to reload. Then, finish it with Dark Aura or just pummel him into submission. Additionally, use the following trick to defeat Riku with Sora the third time. By this time you should have Sora at level 60 to 70 with 0, 8,and 9 cards in your deck. For this battle, take out all your 0 cards; Riku will card break them easily. Your heath should be around 500 and your CP at 900. Fill your deck with about twenty attack cards, three summoning cards, two item cards, and ten magic cards. Have a group of Cures in your magic cards to cast Curaga. If desired, put in some enemy cards however Riku is so fast that it will only be a waste of heath. His attacks are very quick and powerful, but his sleights are the best. Dark Aura is his strongest, doing severe damage, is continuos, and is almost impossible to dodge. However, if you have a sleight available when he uses it, just counter with sleight. Even with strong attack cards, this will be difficult. His Dark Firaga attack is easy to dodge; just walk behind him when he fires it. Do not waste your cures. You will need them when you have two of his three health bars down.

Defeat whole army of Heartlesses with Monstro

Have a group of Keyblades or any related weapons and no summons except for Cloud. When you are trying to get out of Monstro, use up the Keyblades and charge. Keep doing this until you get the bar full.

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