A family of superheroes is trying to live a normal life in suburbia. Events unfold which brings the family out of retirement and back into action.

The Incredibles is the latest animated smash hit from Pixar. Of course it has to be converted into a videogame. Typically, "movie-inspired" games appear to be nothing more than a second thought - just another piece of merchandise that can trade on the popularity of the name of the movie. The Incredibles for the GBA is just such an example. It's not terrible but it's so generic that I have to warn you about it.

Each member of the Incredibles, Mr. Incredible, Helen Incredible and the kids, Violet and Dash has unique super powers. The movie makes better use of these powers than the game does and that's just not acceptable. I expected a lot more gameplay variety at least in terms of utilizing the different characters' abilities. Mr. Incredible is the strongest of the bunch and Mrs. Incredible is able to stretch her arms like Plastic Man. Violet can turn invisible and Dash is capable of running at super speeds. There are times when each of these powers must be used in the game but most of the time you'll just be button mashing in combat situations.

As amazing as the graphics are, virtually everything else falls short of being incredible - very short. There is too much combat in the game. More puzzles and platforming would have balanced out the gameplay. We never get to push any character to his or her limit.

Enemies from the movie such as Frozone, Syndrome, E, and Bomb Voyage make appearances in the game but they too get bogged down in the repetitive nature of the gameplay. They appear in different costumes carrying different weapons as if to stretch out the gameplay. They almost look embarrassed.

The characters are great looking and even the backgrounds are stunning. There are some incredible animations throughout the game which almost rival scenes from the movie. The developers have really made some strides in the graphics department. It's too bad the same can't be said for the sound. There are some decent sound effects such as the kicks and punches but there's virtually no voiceovers from the movie. The music is appropriate for most situations but it's no substitute for the dialog which was an integral element of the movie.

Whatever good memories you have of the movie, don't spoil them with this game.

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System: GBA
Dev: Helixe
Pub: THQ
Release: Nov 2004
Players: 1
Review by Shelby