Shaman King: Master Of Spirits 2

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Mephias in Anna's training mode

Defeat everyone else in Anna's training mode.

Enemy souls

Some enemies glow like Yoh when you have a defense up mushroom. This indicates that when you kill them, you will get their soul. If you see a glowing enemy, go out of your way to get them.


Use Corey and Gororo.

Exploder Kick

Use Shaolin and Leepai-Long. Jump into the air and press R or L. If you are lucky, one of your enemies will fly and knock another enemy out. This also creates a shockwave if you miss.

Final Beam

Use Korogashi, Enra-Enra, Kamaitachi, OniFireTama, and Jangalian.

Force Field

Use Zenki and Kohki.


Use Jose, Pancho, Antonio, Zapata, and Miguel in the in the Spirit Menu Deck. Press L or R during the game to execute the move and a large dagger will appear across the screen, destroying enemies in its path.

Mega Memorial

Use Ian, Nizba, Dreisa, Yophia, and Frankensteiny. You must die with these spirits in your deck. You will return to the map with full health. Note: If you do not want to waste money on food, die intentionally to be fully healed.

Ray Of Light

Use Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Metatoron.

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