Shining Soul

Strategy Guide


Name bonuses

    Enter "Max" as a name for a Warrior to get a +10 bonus in strength.

    Enter "Hans" as a name for an Archer to get a +10 bonus in vitality.

    Enter "Anri" as a name for a Mage to get a +10 bonus in intelligence.

    Enter "Bleu" as a name for a DragonNewt to get a +10 bonus in dexterity.

Advance mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock advance mode, which is a more advanced difficulty setting.

Equip unequipable items into the item slots

To equip unequipable items such weapons/rare items, drag any equipable items into the "R" button item slots. Go to the bank and drag any unequipable item to exchange places with your equipable items in the inventory/item.

Infinite money

Enter a shop. Move one of your items to the "Sell" block and press R to move it back to your inventory. Next, pick an item in the shop and move it to your inventory, but do not buy it. Finally, press R and the item you never bought will jump to the "Sell" block. You can sell the shopkeeper their own merchandise.

Shining Force references

Note: This game takes place before Shining Force. The names from this game follow the first Shining Force game. Max was the main character in Shining Force. Hans was the first archer in the game. Bule was the dragon that was also in the first game. Anri was one of the Mages from Shining Force.

At the beginning of the game are two robots. they are called Adam and Chaos. These characters are from the original Shining Force game. Adam is a playable character in the original Shining Force, while Chaos becomes evil due to reprogramming.

When fighting the Boss of level 4, "Forest Of Another World", Michaela uses lightning spells just like in the first Shining Force game.

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