WarioWare: Twisted!

Note: This game is also titled Mawaru: Made In Wario.


Get a high score on every micro-game through Zukan mode to unlock a bonus mini-game.

Easy mini-game tower

Successfully complete Warioman to unlock the easy mini-game tower.

Hard mini-game tower

Get 25 points in the Easy mini-game tower to unlock the hard mini-game tower.

Thrilling mini-game tower

Get 25 points in the Hard mini-game tower to unlock the thrilling mini-game tower.

Random item

Successfully complete a character's stage to unlock a random item.

Alien item

Successfully complete Wario's final stage to unlock the Alien item.

Pyoro R item

Successfully complete all micro-games to unlock the Pyoro R item.

Alternate title screen

Tilt the game rapidly left and right to change the words at the title screen. Additionally, remain idle at the title screen until Wario noses appear. Rotating the Game Boy Advance to make them disappear again.

Wario Bike

On the souvenir game Wario Bike, at the very end of the level on the last ramp, just keep turning it left.

Games and Remix stages

    9-Volt's and 18-Volt's Games: Successfully complete Orbulon's stage.
    Dr. Crygor's Games: Successfully complete Dribble's and Spitz's stage.
    Dribble's and Spitz's Games: Successfully complete Jimmy's Folk's remix.
    Jimmy's Folk's Remix: Successfully complete Kat's and Ana's stage.
    Jimmy's Games: Successfully complete Mona's stage.
    Kat's and Ana's Games: Successfully complete Jimmy's stage.
    Mansion Remix: Get at least 25 points on Tower.
    Mona's Games: Successfully complete Wario's stage.
    Orbulon's Games: Successfully complete WarioWatch remix.
    Skyscraper Remix: Successfully complete Warioman's Games.
    Speedier Spin Remix: Get at least 50 points on WarioWatch.
    Tower Remix: Get at least 25 points on Skyscraper.
    Warioman's Games: Successfully complete 9-Volt's and 18-Volt's stage.
    WarioWatch Remix: Successfully complete Dr. Crygor's stage.
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