Bionicle Heroes

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Play as Guhhrahk

Defeat Guhhrahk to unlock him.

Play as Vezon

Successfully complete the game to unlock Vezon.

Play as Takua Nuva

Successfully complete the game with all six Inika to unlock Takua Nuva.

Bonus cutscene

Successfully complete the game 100% to unlock a hidden cutscene.

Easy Lego pieces

Collect all the Lego bits in the Matoron Enclave, then go to the Priaka Playground, and go back out. Keep doing this for a lot of Lego bits.

In the level where you fight Roodaka, go to her and hold A. After you get Hero mode, use tape to keep A held on the controller so your character keeps attacking. Use Hahli, Vezok, or even Vezon so that they keep shooting streams to easily defeat the summoned Visorak. Because of the auto-aim when there is a villain your character will lock on automatically, kills them, then switch. Since your character is invincible in Hero mode and it is unlimited, you can gain easy Bolts.

Completely upgrade Toa Nuparu at the Matoran Enclave shop. Collect 500,000 Lego pieces and buy "Bonus Level 1". Go to the Piraka Playground. Go to the other side of the playground. Once there, you should find a cave/pathway between the Piraka VIP lounge and the Piraka diving board. Go inside the cave; there will be three portals. Go through the first portal on your left. Then, switch to Toa Nuparu and start destroying multiple enemies while collecting Lego pieces. Do this quickly, as you have a 112 second time limit. You can get an average of 50,000 to 70,000 Lego pieces every time you try the bonus level.

Defeating Guhhrahk

The best Toa for defeating Gurrahk (level 1) are Matoro for beating Guhhrahk Hajli and Jaller for killing summoned enemies.

Defeating Vezon

After defeating all Piraka, you will have to fight Vezon for the last time. First hit him in the back, then in the legs, then the heads, then Vezon.

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