Strike Force Bowling

Strategy Guide

Mars alley

Enter "!LEVELS!" as a name to unlock the Mars alley and night versions of the alleys.

Bonus characters

Enter "!BOWLER!" as a name to unlock bonus characters.

All Strike mode

Enter "!STRIKE!" as a name.

Alien Bowl alley

Finish a round in Tournament mode with at least a 180 score to unlock the Alien Bowl alley.

Dark Beach alley

Get a score of 2 or more under par in Golf mode to unlock the Dark Beach alley.

Dark Castle alley

Win any tournament to unlock the Dark Castle alley.

Dark Chinese Bridge alley

Get a hole-in-one at hole #1 in Golf mode to unlock the Dark Chinese Bridge alley.

Dark Egyptian alley

Compete seventeen challenges in Challenge mode to unlock the Dark Egyptian alley.

Dark Old West alley

Collect at least $100,000 in overall skins earnings to unlock the Dark Old West alley.

Mars alley

Gets six skins in a skins match on the difficult or expert difficulty setting to unlock the Mars alley.

Night Ship alley

Get four consecutive strikes in Open Play or Tournament mode to unlock the Night Ship alley.

Alien bowler

Close every frame in an Open Play game to unlock the Alien bowler.

Robot bowler

Pick up a 7-10 split in Practice mode to unlock the Robot bowler.

Skeleton bowler

Get a hole-in-one at hole #13 in Golf mode to unlock the Skeleton bowler.

Big Head mode

Unlock all bonus alleys and characters to unlock Big Head mode.

Easy strikes and 300 point games

First, create a bowler with maximum Strength, 13 points on Accuracy, and the remaining 6 points on Curve. Also use a ball with a weight of 16 lbs. During a game, turn the spinning of your ball to 100%. Aim with the red line exactly on the right edge of the third arrow from the right, as indicated below:

                  /\       ||
           /\            /\||
     /\                    ||  /\
/\                         ||        /\

Press A only once and let the bars totally fill. Your player will throw the ball all by himself and you will have a 100% strike all the time. if you do not have a strike, then aim slightly to the left or right until you find the correct spot.

Choose the character with the red shirt and give him no Power, full Curve, and the rest Accuracy. Pick the 20 pound ball that looks like a pirate's ball. When you first start out on the alley, keep pressing the right arrow until it is on the left side, so that it is going into the gutter. Then, press A and move it all the way over to the right. Put it at about 100 Power and full Accuracy. You should get a strike.

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