Zoids Versus 3


Bonus Zoids and pilots

At the main menu, select the "Config" option, then select "Voice". Play tracks 92, 68, 40, 13, 90 (in order) to unlock the Command Striker and Energy Liger Zoids and three pilots. Play tracks 04, 66, 10, 02, 21 (in order) at the same menu to unlock the Gariyuki Speed, Gariyuki Destroy, Gravity Wolf, Gravity Saix, Gravity Saurer, and Liger Zero Falcon RD Zoids and more pilots. Play tracks 49, 23, 60, 80, 14 (in order) at the same menu to unlock Seismosaurus RSS, Ultimate Seismo, Berserk Seismo, Energy Ray Liger, and one pilot.

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