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All cars and tracks

At the title screen, press B, A, Z(2), B, L, A, C-Up. -From:

Bonus cars and tracks

Successfully complete any race in first place to unlock additional cars and tracks. The speed of the bonus cars and difficulty of the bonus tracks are determined by the difficulty of the track that was completed. Additionally, play the game in practice mode and locate the star in each level. Collect each star in all tracks (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) for each difficulty level to unlock the following cars: Ghengis Kar and Pole Pos (easy), R6 Turbo and NY 54 (medium), Mouse and Bertha Ballistics (hard), AMW and Toyeca (extreme).

Reversed tracks

Break the times in time trial challenge mode on all normal tracks in all circuits.

Mirrored tracks

Break the times in time trial challenge mode on all reversed tracks in all circuits.

Mirrored reversed tracks

Break the times in time trial challenge mode on all mirrored tracks in all circuits.

    Jump in multi-player mode

    During a race in multi-player mode, press C-Up to jump.

    Get unstuck

    During a race, press C-Up to get unstuck. For example, if you fall into the pool in Toytanic, press C-Up to stop and get out of the water. Press R when flipped over to get right side up.

Game Shark Codes

Total Laps Modifier8007DBCF 00??
99 Points P18010C1EF 0063
Start on Lap Modifier P1D0114023 0000
80114023 00??
Have Weapon Modifier P181115648 0000
8111564A 00??
8111564E 0001
99 Points P28010C227 0063
Start on Lap Modifier P2D01164EB 0000
801164EB 00??
Have Weapon Modifier P281117B10 0000
81117B12 00??
81117B16 0001
99 Points P38010C25F 0063
Start on Lap Modifier P3D01189B3 0000
801189B3 00??
Have Weapon Modifier P381119FD8 0000
81119FDA 00??
81119FDE 0001
99 Points P48010C297 0063
Start on Lap Modifier P4D011AE7B 0000
8011AE7B 00??
Have Weapon Modifier P48111C4A0 0000
8111C4A2 00??
8111C4A6 0001
Unlock Track Codes
Toy World 180051417 001F
Toy World 28005149F 001F
Ghost Town 1800516BF 001F
Toys In The Hood 28005184F 001F
Toytanic 1800518DF 001F
Museum 1800515AF 001F
Supermarket 180051747 001F
Ghost Town 280051AFF 001F
Toytanic 280051B87 001F
Toys In The Hood 1800517CF 001F
Supermarket 280051A77 001F
Museum 280051637 001F
Botanical Garden800519EF 001F
Front End (Crashes in 1-Player Mode)80051527 001F
Unlock Car Codes
RC San801BBDAF 0001
Candy Pebbles801BC21B 0001
Genghis Kar801BC687 0001
Aquasonic801BCAF3 0001
Mouse801BCF5F 0001
Evil Weasel801BD3CB 0001
Panga Touring801BD837 0001
R6 Turbo801BDCA3 0001
NY 54801BE10E 0001
Bertha Ballistics801BE57B 0001
Pest Control801BE9E7 0001
Adeon801BEE53 0001
Pole Pos801BF2BF 0001
Zipper801BF72B 0001
Rotor801BFB97 0001
Cougar801C0003 0001
Humma801C046F 0001
Toyeca801C08BB 0001
AMW801C0D47 0001
Panga801C11B3 0001
Trolley801C161F 0001
Clockwork801C1A8B 0001
Clockwork Too801C1EF7 0001
Clockwork Tree801C2363 0001
Clockwork801C27CF 0001
Track Difficulty Modifier Codes
Toy World 18005141B 00??
Toy World 2800514A3 00??
Ghost Town 1800516C3 00??
Toys In The Hood 280051853 00??
Toytanic 1800518E3 00??
Museum 1800515B3 00??
Supermarket 18005174B 00??
Ghost Town 280051B03 00??
Toytanic 280051B8B 00??
Toys In The Hood 1800517D3 00??
Supermarket 280051A7B 00??
Museum 28005163B 00??
Botanical Garden800519F3 00??
Front End (Crashes in 1-Player Mode)8005152B 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Start on Lap Modifier Codes
01 - Lap 2
02 - Lap 3
03 - Lap 4
04 - Lap 5
05 - Lap 6
Quantity Digits to Accompany Track's Difficulty Modifier Codes
00 - Unknown
01 - Easy
02 - Medium
03 - Hard
04 - Extreme
Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Codes
00 - Green Missile
01 - Orange Missile
02 - Multi-Orange Missiles
03 - The Bomb
04 - Water Balloon?
05 - Blue Protector?
06 - Oil Slick
07 - Bowling Ball Mine
08 - Yellow Protector?
09 - Lightning Bolt
0A - Orange Star
0B - Beach Ball

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