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The fateful Oceanic Flight 815

by Tom Kelly

December 26, 2007 - With a hit television program already ruling the airwaves, Lost now seeks to bring its puzzling premise to gamers everywhere. Similar to the show, the game is shrouded in mystery; not much is known up to this point. With the new season coming shortly and the game soon to follow, one can only wonder whether any new secrets will be revealed through the game's storyline. How will it coordinate with the show, and what kind of adventure can gamers expect? Only the future contains the answers to these questions, but it is almost certain that for every revelation that takes place, even more questions will rise in their wake.

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Any fan of the show will tell you that although the constant questions keep them tuned in week after week, and they are also the source of endless frustration. For example, who the heck is Jacob? Why is there a black mist with red eyes floating around? And what is the island really saying to John Locke? That guy is nuts. Hopefully the game will help erase some of the clouds surrounding these pivotal turns while also developing plot points that have not been explored yet.

From what little information I was able to dig up, it does seem that the game will coincide with what the show has already laid out, but more importantly it will revolve around an all new character. With a new character added to the mix, the sky is the limit to where the developers can take the already intricate plot. More importantly, even super fans of the show will be unfamiliar with what they are about to face. The plot line will start in the original season of the show and go all the way through the end of season three. Thus whatever is introduced in the upcoming season will not be addressed here. Damn you, JJ Abrahams and your amazing abilities to keep things shrouded in secrecy.

Lost: The Video Game screenshot

With the plot still more than a little murky, we'll focus on what we do know more about. From what the trailer displayed earlier this year, Lost will visually represent its source material more than competently. It also seems apparent that much of the game will revolve around interacting with the current cast; it will be interesting to see if they contracted all the actors to do their own voice work. From a gameplay standpoint, it will more than likely mirror the action of the show, combining exploring elements with puzzle and combat - which should make for a good mix provided the game is paced a little better than its predecessor. One important question is how they will incorporate the flashbacks, since they have such an integral role in the show itself. Maybe they will leave the character's past in the dark and use him in future television episodes.

Lost is and will always be a mystery to most. I have a feeling even after the show airs its ultimate series finale, fans will still be clamoring for more answers. This game will hopefully provide the purists out there with enough to satisfy their over-active imaginations. With so few details available right now, my only wish is that the game turns out to be more than just a great license wasted on another lousy game.

Lost: The Video Game screenshot

By Tom Kelly
CCC Freelance Writer


  • As one of the many survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, try to discover the secrets of your past while unraveling the mysteries of the island.
  • Confront your past in order to escape your fate and find salvation.
  • Solve puzzles, fight off the others, and go head to head with the infamous smoke monster.

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