Aquanaut's Holiday: Kakusareta Kiroku



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Earn all trophies.
    Clear all the episodes (Silver): Clear all of the episodes.
    Completed all SONOBUOY (Bronze): Changed all SONOBUOY batteries and restarted.
    Completed Aqua Library Discovery Registry (Silver): Registered all registerable discoveries in Aqua Library.
    Completed Aqua Library Large Creature Registry (Silver): Registered all registerable large creatures in Aqua Library.
    Completed Aqua Library Middle Creature Registry (Silver): Registered all registerable middle creatures in Aqua Library.
    Completed Aqua Library Registry (Gold): Registered all registerable items in Aqua Library.
    Completed Aqua Library Small Creature Registry (Silver): Registered all registerable small creatures in Aqua Library.

Additionally, there are 42 secret trophies:

    Meme Panel' released all (Silver): All Meme Panel released.
    'Meme Tree' completed (Silver): All Meme trees bore fruit.
    Cleared all Sonar Games (Gold): All sonar games are cleared.
    Completed 'Butterflyfish' series (Bronze): Butterflyfish series 16 varieties completed. Teardrop fish/Pennant fish/Beaked fish/Blue blotch fish/Threadfin fish/Fourspot fish/Raccoon fish/Tinker.
    Completed 'Clownfish' series (Bronze): Clownfish series all 7 varieties completed. Ocellaris fish/Tomato fish/Clownfish/Saddleback fish/Pink anemonefish/Yellow fish/Wide-band anemonefish.
    Completed 'Flat fish' series (Bronze): Flat fish series all 6 varieties completed. Olive flounder / Hailbut / Littlemouth flounder / Flathead flounder / Stone flounder / Ridged-eye flounder.
    Completed 'Morray eel' series (Bronze): Morray eel series all 4 varieties completed. Ribbon eel / Morray eel / Leopard moray eel / Giant moray.
    Completed 'Ocean sunfish' series (Bronze): Ocean sun fish series all 3 varieties completed. Ocean sun fish / Opah / Slender sunfish.
    Completed 'Puffer fish' series (Bronze): Puffer fish series all 9 varieties completed. Blackspotted puffer / Valentinni.
    Completed 'Seahorse' series (Bronze): Seahorse series all 5 varieties completed. Seahorse / Great seahorse / Spotted seahorse / Leafy sea dragon / Weedy sea dragon.
    Completed Atlantic footballfish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Atlantic footballfish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Black pyramid butterflyfish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Black pyramid butterflyfish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Bottle-nose dolphin (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Bottle-nose dolphin (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Clownfish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Clownfish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Coelacanth (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Coelacanth (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Emperor angelfish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Emperor angelfish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Great seahorse (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Great seahorse (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Green sea turtle (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Green sea turtle (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Manta ray (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Manta ray (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Moorish idol (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Moorish idol (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Napoleonfish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Napoleonfish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Nautilus (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Nautilus (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Ocean sun fish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Ocean sun fish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Palette surgeonfish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Palette surgeonfish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Pelican eel (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Pelican eel (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Picasso triggerfish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Picasso triggerfish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Porcupinefish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Porcupinefish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Royal angelfish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Royal angelfish (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Royal gramma (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Royal gramma (singer) all cleared.
    Completed Threadfin butterflyfish (singer) (Bronze): Sonar games for Threadfin butterflyfish (singer) all cleared.
    Discovery of "Atlas's Pillars" (Bronze): Discovery of "Atlas's Pillars".
    Discovery of "Gate of Adventure" (Bronze): Discovered "Gate of Adventure".
    Discovery of "Hina's Backyard" (Bronze): Discovered "Hina's Backyard".
    Discovery of "Refuge of Tuna" (Bronze): Discovered "Refuge of Tuna".
    Discovery of "Sea of Calling" (Bronze): Discovered "Sea of Calling".
    Discovery of "Sea of Melody" (Bronze): Discovered "Sea of Melody".
    Discovery of "Sea of Prayer" (Bronze): Discovered "Sea of Prayer".
    Discovery of "Sea of Revelation" (Bronze): Discovered "Sea of Revelation".
    Discovery of "Sea of Whisper" (Bronze): Discovered "Sea of Whisper".
    Discovery of "Shrine" (Bronze): Discovered "Shrine".
    Discovery of "World Navel" (Bronze): Discovered "World Navel".
    Released all Bill's logs (Silver): All Bills logs are released.
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