Captain Morgane And The Golden Turtle



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Everything comes to an end (Gold): Game completed.
    A nice little girl (Bronze): Complete your first quest.
    The Sense of Priorities (Bronze): Refill the water jug and put it back in place before you go out to play with your friends.
    A Diplomat Captain (Bronze): Convince Razzo to help you sneak into the Governor's map room on your first attempt.
    A Light in the Dark (Bronze): Resolve the puzzle of Tanner's statue.
    An Evil Presence (Bronze): Bring together the two pieces of the strange egg to have a vision of the evil presence haunting Hollow Island.
    Save the Briscoe Family (Bronze): Save Thomas and Elizabeth Briscoe from their burning house on your first attempt.
    Forever United (Bronze): Help Alessandro overcome the loss of his wife and restore his taste for life.
    A Blended Family (Bronze): Find Uncle Eduardo and bring him to Alessandro.
    Dexterity and Perseverance (Silver): Complete all minigames without cheating a single time.
    A Debt of Honor (Bronze): Refund Alessandro the doubloons he leant you.
    A Solemn Vow (Bronze): Make a wish and have it fulfilled.
    A Tribute to Sunny Blonde (Silver): Talk to every single character in the game.
    A Childhood love (Bronze): Return to Nell to give her news from Bobby and tell Bobby about Nell's feelings.
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