Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Finish Him (Bronze): Kill an enemy by finishing him.
    Rookie (Bronze): Complete the game in Easy Mode.
    Agent (Bronze): Complete the game in Normal Mode.
    Super Agent (Gold): Complete the game in Hard Mode.
    Big Bang (Bronze): Kill 200 enemies with explosives.
    Heavy Fire (Bronze): Kill 500 enemies with the Heavy Shot.
    Terminator (Bronze): Kill 50 enemies by finishing them.
    Hero (Silver): Conrad has to reach level 30.
    Galactic Explorer (Silver): Obtain 100% in World Exploration.
    Fight Club (Bronze): Kill 50 enemies with a melee attack.
    Master of Virtuality (Silver): Complete all VR challenges.
    Maximum Overdrive (Silver): Obtain the maximum level for every upgrade.
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