Hunter's Trophy



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Hunter's Trophy (Platinum): Get all the trophies of Hunter's Trophy.
    Hunting companions (Bronze): Play a 4 players game in the shooting range.
    Gallic blood (Bronze): Hunt a wild boar.
    Proper training (Bronze): In silhouette shooting, get an accuracy score of at least 75%.
    Wandering hunter (Bronze): Hunt in all available environments.
    Fly away (Bronze): Scare off 5 animals in a hunt.
    Man's best friend (Silver): Whistle for the dog 50 times.
    Air shooter (Silver): Hunt 50 ducks.
    Mirror's edge (Silver): Complete a hunting plan 10 seconds before hitting the time limit.
    Sniper (Silver): Hunt a target at a distance of 80 meters.
    Open season (Silver): Complete the Career mode.
    Champion (Gold): Complete the Career mode at the first place.
    Sharpshooter (Gold): Get 100% in a ball-trap game.
    Benefactor (Gold): Kill 100 pests.
    Gunsmith (Gold): Get every weapon in the game.
    Robin Hood (Gold): Hunt 30 preys with a bow
    The Collector (Gold): Hunt an animal of every kind.
    Long chase (Gold): Walk 20 km in Career mode.
    A shadow in the dark (Gold): Get 100% discretion for a hunt.
    Silent hunter (Gold): Hunt a target at less than 5 meters.
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