Kick-Ass 2



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    100% kick-ass (Platinum): Get all the trophies.
    Social network junkie (Silver): Find all the Wi-Fi hotspots.
    Street artist (Silver): Cross out all the graffiti.
    Killing Death (Gold): Defeat Black Death.
    Villain Chop Suey (Gold): Defeat Genghis Carnage.
    The Sickle and Hammer (Gold): Survive the clash with Mother Russia.
    Successful surgery (Gold): Get rid of the Tumor.
    Wimpcrusher (Gold): Finish off Chris D'Amico once and for all.
    Partners in trouble (Silver): Rescue Dr. Gravity.
    Gothic nightmare (Silver): Fight your way through the Goths to the subway entrance.
    Careful with the hole (Silver): Reach the Goths' Lair in the subway.
    Dime store (Silver): Cross Chinatown.
    Adults over 18 only (Silver): Reach Genghis Carnage's whorehouse.
    Call for help (Silver): Leave the subway.
    Kick-Ass to the rescue! (Silver): Reach the entrance to Headquarters.
    They're inside... (Silver): Eliminate all the enemies in the Justice Forever Headquarters.
    I'm too young to die (Silver): Escape with your life from the Cemetery.
    See you later, Alligator (Silver): Chase the Tumor through the sewers.
    A walk in the Park (Silver): Cross Central Park.
    Good Guys against Bad Guys (Silver): Survive the battle for Manhattan.
    The Fall of the Wall (Gold): Defeat Mother Russia.
    Toxicity (Silver): Defeat Chris D'Amico's thugs.
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