Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Bothersome guest (Bronze): Defeat the Butler Orlando.
    Little guest (Bronze): Enter the entourage HQ.
    Goodbye little guest (Bronze): Complete the game.
    You call this a challenge? (Gold): Complete game on hard difficulty.
    Young Cartographer (Bronze): Find a secret constellation.
    Master Cartographer (Silver): Find and collect all secret star constellations.
    The first memory (Bronze): Collect 1 secret souvenir.
    Memory Collector (Bronze): Collect 5 secret souvenirs.
    Bag lady (Silver): Complete the game with all 12 secret souvenirs.
    Junior Explorer (Bronze): Find 10 secret areas.
    Senior Explorer (Bronze): Find 30 secret areas.
    Master Explorer (Silver): Find 60 secret areas.
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