Real Steel



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Underworld Champion (Bronze): Complete all Underworld Stages in Match Mode.
    WRB Champion (Silver): Complete all WRB Stages in Match Mode.
    Robot Engineer (Bronze): Customize and save a robot to a garage.
    First Win (Bronze): Win 1 local fight.
    First Online Win (Bronze): Win 1 online fight.
    10 Online Wins (Bronze): Win 10 online ranked matches.
    50 Online Wins (Bronze): Win 50 online ranked matches.
    100 Online Wins (Bronze): Win 100 online ranked matches.
    Big Money (Gold): Win an Online Ranked Match against a robot with TBR x2 or higher than you to earn a huge prize.
    Pacemaker (Silver): Win a match without completely depleting your power a single time.
    Arm Destroyer (Silver): Beat an opponent robot by destroying both of its arms.
    1 Round KO (Silver): Win a match in a single round.
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