God of War: Origins Collection Review
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System: PS3
Dev: Ready at Dawn
Pub: Sony
Release: September 13, 2011
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content
Still Angry
by Matt Walker

The God of War series is considered by some to be the best thing to ever hit a Sony device, so it only makes sense that the PSP titles in the series eventually made their way onto the PS3. But does God of War: Origins Collection warrant the $40 dollar price tag?

The simple answer is yes, of course. The main reason is that you can now play all God of War titles (assuming you have also picked up the HD remastered versions of the PS2 hits) on one platform. I have nothing in particular against handhelds or previous gen systems, but when I can play the entirety of a series on a single device, it somehow satisfies the completionist inside me. Yes, I agree that having multiple version of one game can be a bit redundant, but there is just something about having that capability of having them all in one place.

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God of War's protagonist Kratos has earned a reputation in the video game industry as perhaps the angriest person we have ever gotten the chance to play as. Of course, he has his reasons for being this angry: the death of his family, the gods taking a whizz on everything he cares for, and so on. Kratos is just angry, and everyone who has played the God of War games can attest that playing as this enraged hero can let you vicariously relieve some of your own pent-up rage. In God of War: Origins Collection, players will be able to release this rage in two full God of War games: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta.

The story of Chains of Olympus takes place during Kratos' ten-year service to the gods before the first God of War, and it does a fantastic job of filling in some of the story of the man he once was. It also delivers some great Easter eggs. However, the main problem I have with the Chains of Olympus half of this collection is that it looks a bit dated. This is not to say the port was done poorly, but there are more than a few models that did not transfer as well as they should have. It doesn't drastically affect the game's composition, but it may cause a few unwarranted chuckles at the facial expressions of Kratos and some of the supporting characters.

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The other thing that hinders Chains of Olympus is that it doesn't really have the same vibe as recent titles in the series. Of course, this takes place before everything else, but should that excuse the slow pacing and heavy-handed puzzle-solving in the game?

I admit that I enjoyed it the first time around, and I enjoyed it once again with this upgrade, but some might feel this is the inferior God of War that was supposed to remain on the PSP. And this is definitely the lesser of the two titles available in the collection. However, it's still worth the playthrough if only to get a few extra pieces to the mythology of Kratos himself.

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On the flipside of this, Ghost of Sparta delivers on nearly every aspect fans of the franchise have come to expect. It tells the angry tale of Kratos looking for his brother, who has been long thought dead. Ghost of Sparta is exactly what fans have come to expect when it comes to the God of War games: fast-paced, tons of action, giant monsters, unbelievably epic battles, and tons of rage. In this regard, Ghost of Sparta could stand toe-to-toe with God of War III on premise alone. It also translates well to HD. The colors are a bit muted in spots and the environments can come across flat at times, but this is a true triumph nonetheless.

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