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Hellboy will light your consoles on fire!
by Amanda L. Kondolojy

April 2, 2007 - There are few franchises that have as devout and demanding a following as Hellboy. Hellboy fans the world over demand perfection from anything that bears the Hellboy emblem. The 2004 movie definitely demonstrated this, and Hellboy fans the world over rejoiced at how beautifully their favorite comic book anti-hero was brought to the big screen. Then the flames died down.

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However, Hellboy fans can now rejoice because, in addition to the two new Hellboy movies that have been confirmed to be in pre-production, they're also getting a completely awesome new game on for the PS3 and Xbox 360. How can I say that this game will be so awesome with such certainty? Here's what we know so far.

First of all, there's the story. Mike Mignola, the original creator of Hellboy, and Guilermo Del Toro, the creative genius behind the 2004 movie, are actually working together on the different components to the story, which producer Paul Armatta promises to be completely original and unique to the game. The game's creators wanted to give the fans an experience that they would enjoy, not another play-through-the movie copout. Absolutely nothing else is known about the story other than you'll play as Hellboy, and there will probably be some bad people you'll have to beat up. Oh, and you'll probably have a big attitude and somewhat of a chip on your shoulder. But it's fine, cause you're Hellboy, and that means you're awesome.


Then there's the gameplay concept. As I mentioned before, you'll play as Hellboy, smashing and crashing your way through levels to get to the bad guys. It all sounds like standard platforming fare, but early demos show a whole lot more autonomy and interactivity in huge levels then you might be used to. Virtually anything you can see, you can interact with. You'll also be able to wield Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom in different ways depending on your attack and who your enemies are. Of course you'll have your standard combos, but with each level you have different abilities unique to that level to help you fight the different species of bad guy that you might encounter. You'll also be able to utilize your friends Abe Sapien and Liz to some amount, although it's not known exactly how that'll factor into the game just yet.

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Another really awesome feature of this game is that the original cast from the 2004 movie will be back to provide the voices for their characters. This might not seem so awesome, but when one considers that many games based on movie/comic book adaptations don't get this luxury, it becomes impressive. Plus, Ron Pearlman is an awesome Hellboy. You can quote me on that.

There will also be an online component to the game where you can not only play as Hellboy, but also as Liz, Abe Sapien, and a third comic-exclusive character that has yet to be announced. Players will be able to go through online levels co-op and beat up the competition to their heart's desire.

And then there's the best part: the graphics. They're awesome. Games like this are what the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were made for. Everything comes to life in the kind of detail only true HD can deliver. Although the exact technical specs have yet to be released, from an early look, one would speculate that this game must be in 1080p to look the way it does. Which is absolutely gorgeous.

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Although we have more than a year and a half to wait for the new Hellboy movie, the game will be released in fall of this year. And with a game-exclusive storyline, ultra-interactive settings, and beautifully detailed graphics, this one will be sure to keep Hellboy fans happy for a long time to come

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Freelance Writer


  • Original storyline set in the Hellboy universe, filled with classic characters from the comic book
  • Stunning next-gen graphics with dynamic lighting effects bring Hellboy to life like never before
  • Explosive battle system with contextual grappling commands lets players experience Hellboy's supernatural might. Charge up your attacks for big hits or use Hellboy's agility to unleash a flurry of quick strikes
  • Fully destructible environments - bring down the house on top of your enemies or use the wreckage as weapons.
  • Full voice over by Ron Perlman, the same actor who portrayed Hellboy in the 2004 feature film
  • Creative direction from Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and movie director Guillermo del Toro

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