Rugby League Live



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    That's gotta hurt (Bronze): Perform 10 Impact Tackles.
    That's my team (Bronze): Win your 1st game.
    Video Ref (Bronze): View your first Video Referee decision.
    Thanks to us (Bronze): View the credits.
    Be The Ball (Bronze): Achieve a 100% Conversion rate in a match with a minimum of five attempts.
    City or Country (Bronze): Win as either City or Country within the NRL season.
    Golden Point (Bronze): Win a game with a Field Goal in golden point overtime.
    40/20 (Bronze): Perform a 40/20 kick in a match.
    Golden Falcon (Bronze): Perform 25 Knock-ons.
    State of Origin domination (Silver): Win a State of Origin series 3-0 in a season.
    Minor Premier (Silver): Be on the top of the ladder at the end of the regular season.
    That's Going On Report (Silver): Perform 50 High Tackles.
    Break Away (Silver): Score a breakaway try from behind your 10m line.
    Spread the ball (Silver): Move the ball through 10 sets of hands in a single play.
    Top Gun (Silver): Have a player in your team score the most points in a season.
    Big 10 (Silver): Win 10 online games.
    There is always next season (Gold): Lose the NRL or SL Grand Final.
    Premiership winner (Gold): Win the NRL or SL Grand Final.
    Try Machine (Gold): Have a player in your team score the most tries in a season.
    Big 300 (Gold): Win 300 games.
    That's really gotta hurt! (Gold): Perform 50 Impact Tackles.
    Offload King (Gold): Perform 1000 Offloads.
    Star Player (Gold): Have a player in your team win the Daily M or Man of Steel award.
    Time to go outside now (Platinum): Gain all other Trophies.
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