Ryu Ga Gotoku: Ishin!



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    10 Substories (Bronze): Complete 10 substories.
    40 Substories (Bronze): Complete 40 substories.
    Apprentice Farmer (Bronze): Grow 10 kinds of vegetables.
    Ascend to the Heavens like a Dragon (Bronze): Clear all 3 courtesan mini-games.
    Ask me About the Restaurants of Kyoto (Bronze): Eat at every restaurant.
    Bandits Cave (Bronze): Complete the 'Bandits Cave' dungeon.
    Brother to All (Bronze): Make friends with all humans and animals.
    Daily Specials Menu (Bronze): Cook 7 different dishes.
    Debt Repayment (Bronze): Repay Haruka's debt.
    Domination of Substories (Silver): Complete all substories.
    Dungeon Beginner (Bronze): Enter battle dungeons three times.
    Exceed Your Limits (Silver): Reach maximum level.
    Fledgling Angler (Bronze): Catch 10 fish.
    Friends for the First Time (Bronze): Make your first human or animal friend.
    God of Virtue (Silver): Acquire 300,000 karma.
    Growth Spurt (Bronze): Acquire 10 abilities using the Soul Sphere.
    Halfway to your Dream (Bronze): Achieve 50% completion on the pause menu.
    I Can Dance (Bronze): Sing all Japanese dance songs.
    I Can Sing (Bronze): Sing all songs at the karaoke bar.
    I'm the Gambler (Bronze): Play all gambling games.
    Join the Corps, Young Man (Bronze): Enlist 100 men.
    Learn what can be Learned (Bronze): Complete a training session with each master.
    Make it my Color (Bronze): Change the wallpaper at your second home.
    Making Easy Money (Bronze): Complete 10 customer orders.
    Man Laden with More Virtue (Bronze): Acquire 50,000 karma.
    Man Laden with Real Virtue (Bronze): Acquire 100,000 karma.
    Man Laden with Virtue (Bronze): Acquire 10,000 karma.
    Mastered the Game (Gold): Clear the game on the hardest difficulty.
    More Virya (Bronze): Complete 20 items from the Virya Catalogue.
    Peaceful Home (Bronze): View a calming event in your second home.
    Putting all my Money and Dreams on a Chicken (Bronze): Gamble on 5 chicken races.
    Real Virya (Bronze): Compelte 50 items from the Virya Catalogue.
    Realize your Dream (Gold): Achieve 100% completion on the pause menu.
    Revelation! (Bronze): Experience all revelations.
    Special Craftsman (Bronze): Defeat 100 enemies with special abilities outside of ultimate battles.
    Stick with your Tools (Bronze): Synthesis 100 weapons and armor.
    Story Clear 1 (Bronze): Clear chapter two.
    Story Clear 2 (Bronze): Clear chapter four.
    Story Clear 3 (Bronze): Clear chapter six.
    Story Clear 4 (Bronze): Clear chapter eight.
    Story Clear 5 (Bronze): Clear chapter ten.
    Story Clear 6 (Bronze): Clear chapter twelve.
    Talk of the Town (Bronze): Acquire maximum fame in any town.
    Tengu Hunting (Bronze): Defeat the tengu at the request of the Tachibana.
    Thanks from the Staff (Silver): Clear the final chapter.
    The Arena is my Garden (Bronze): Win 10 matches in the arena.
    The Kenzan in Tosa! (Bronze): Visit Tosa for the first time.
    The Man who Knows all the Plays (Bronze): Play all mini-games.
    The Value of Money Through Hard Work (Bronze): Earn 10 ryo working at the udon restaurant.
    Thieves Mine (Bronze): Complete the 'Thieves Mine' dungeon.
    Toyotomi Remnants (Bronze): Complete the 'Toyotomi Remnants' dungeon.
    Ultimate Fighting Master (Silver): Clear all ultimate battles.
    Virya (Bronze): Complete 5 items from the Virya Catalogue.
    Virya God (Silver): Complete all items from the Virya Catalogue.
    Yakuza Restoration! (Platinum): Acquired all other trophies.
    You've Got a Ways to Go (Bronze): Reach level 50.
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