The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes: Quiz And Play



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Socially Accepted (Platinum): Win all the trophies.
    Nursery Pro (Bronze): Rock the "Baby's Cradle" and rack up at least 1800 points.
    Master of the Glasses (Silver): Quench your thirst with by drinking 25 glasses during a single "Bar Crawl".
    Burger Master (Silver): Throw a "Barbecue" and grill up 10 perfect burgers.
    Trash Collector (Silver): Drop at least 6 damaged items into an opponent's basket during a "Bargain Hunt".
    Mannequin (Bronze): Strut your stuff on the "Catwalk" 5 times - and make sure you're perfect every time.
    Manic Mechanics (Silver): If "Changing Tires" only takes you 50 seconds, you're a master of the monkey wrench.
    Dancing Queens (Silver): Tear up the dance floor and turn in a perfect double performance in "Dancing".
    200 from 5 (Silver): Rack up 200 points in a single game of "Darts".
    301 (Gold): Get lucky or get serious and get 301 points with nine throws in "Darts 301".
    Exterminator (Bronze): Bug out and score at least 1500 points in "Exterminator".
    Beefcake (Bronze): Swing that hammer of yours and ring the bell, once, twice, three times in a game of "High Striker".
    Choppin' Duet (Silver): Saw through a trunk completely in 70 seconds or less in "Lumberjack".
    Paint Job (Bronze): Finish your "Manicure" in just three turns by finding all the right colours.
    Player (Bronze): Dial your dream date 4 times or more in a game of "Memorization".
    Staying Strong (Bronze): Dry your eyes, don't get caught crying and score at least 500 points in "Movie Theater".
    Strong Nerves (Silver): If you can truly do it all, then you can score at least 1200 points in "Multitasking".
    Navigator (Silver): Reach the finish in "Orientation" in 70 seconds.
    Without A Scratch (Silver): Park your car without so much as scratching the paint in 12 seconds or less.
    Sniper (Silver): Ready, aim, fire: pee your way to at least 1300 points in "Peeing".
    Brazilian Blood (Silver): Keep goal like a brick wall and turn in a perfect result in "Penalty".
    Smooth As Silk (Silver): Shave your leg silky smooth in 35 seconds or less in "Shaving".
    Globetrotter (Bronze): Show off your "Suitcase Packing" skills and pack at least 25 correct items and no wrong ones.
    Furious Hands (Bronze): Get all the good deals - grab at least 25 correct items and no wrong ones in a round of "Summer Sale".
    Do-It-Yourself (Silver): Paste up 10 pieces of wallpaper in a single round of "Wallpaper Decorating".
    Cleaning Obsession (Bronze): Wipe the floor with the competition and tally up at least 800 points in "Wiping the Floor".
    Novice Quizzer (Bronze): Think hard and get more than 50% of the questions right in a short single-player "Quiz".
    Intermediate Quizzer (Silver): Think hard and get more than 50% of the questions right in an intermediate single-player "Quiz".
    Expert Quizzer (Gold): Think hard and get more than 50% of the questions right in a long single-player "Quiz".
    Metrosexual (Gold): Just win "Manicure", "Catwalk" and "Dancing" with a male character.
    Emancipation (Gold): Just win "Bar Crawl", "Parking" and "Peeing" with a female character.
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