Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Collector (Silver): Collect 10000 Cubes.
    Unrelenting (Bronze): Play 1000 Sessions.
    Initialized (Bronze): Complete the Initialization Phase Perfectly.
    Level One (Bronze): Reach Level One.
    Level Two (Bronze): Reach Level Two.
    Level Three (Bronze): Reach Level Three.
    Level Four (Bronze): Reach Level Four.
    Level Five (Bronze): Reach Level Five.
    Level Six (Bronze): Reach Level Six.
    Level Seven (Bronze): Reach Level Seven.
    Level Eight (Bronze): Reach Level Eight.
    Immortal Box (Gold): Reach Level Nine ... In Ranked Mode.
    One With The Box (Silver): Complete Super Velocibox.
    Super Velocibox (Bronze): Unlock Super Velocibox.
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