Weird Park: The Final Show



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Collector (Bronze): You collected more than half of the candy canes.
    Eagle eye (Silver): You collected every item in a hidden object scene without clicking on an item not on the list!
    Detective (Gold): You completed the game without using a single hint.
    Genius (Silver): You completed the game without skipping a single mini-game.
    Wise man (Silver): You solved a mini-game in less than 20 seconds!
    Champion (Silver): You completed the game and rescued Patrick.
    Alchemist (Bronze): You made the magic elixir!
    Engineer (Bronze): You stopped the magic roundabout and rescued Patrick.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Shopaholic (Bronze): You have purchased every upgrade in the Shop.
    Lifeguard (Bronze): You rescued the clown!
    Runaway (Bronze): You escaped Mr. Dudley's trap.
    Daredevil (Bronze): You defeated the mechanical spider!
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