Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 2012 Edition



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Top Player (Bronze): In single mode, earn $1,000,000.
    More and More (Silver): In single mode, earn $5,000,000.
    Audience Lover (Bronze): In single mode, use the Ask the Audience lifeline 25 times.
    Friends for life (Bronze): In single mode, use the Phone-a-Friend lifeline 10 times.
    Dip or Don't (Bronze): In single mode, use the Double Dip lifeline 15 times.
    Lifelines Gambler (Silver): In single mode, win $1,000,000 using all lifelines on the last question.
    Good Start (Bronze): In single mode, answer the first question correctly 25 times without using a lifeline.
    Me, Myself and I (Bronze): In single mode, win $1,000,000 without using any lifeline.
    Destination Reached (Bronze): In single mode, first $1,000,000 won.
    The Runner (Bronze): In single mode, answer the first 10 questions correctly within 60 seconds.
    Speed of Light (Silver): In single mode, answer all 15 questions correctly within 90 seconds.
    Fast and accurate (Bronze): In one online match, reach second landmark before any one else.
    Straight A+ (Silver): In one online match, answer all questions correctly.
    Party Time (Bronze): Invite three players into a private room and successfully play one match.
    Extremely intelligent (Silver): Become the final winner of an online match 10 times.
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