Wonderbook: Book Of Potions



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Bottle fame & brew glory (Platinum): Master the 'Book of Potions'.
    Nettle know-how (Bronze): Discover everything about nettles.
    Leech learning (Bronze): Discover everything about leeches.
    Quietly does it... (Bronze): Discover everything about unicorns.
    Book worm (Bronze): Discover everything about Flobberworms.
    Fur-ther learning (Bronze): Discover everything about Puffskeins.
    Dragon it out (Bronze): Discover everything about Common Welsh Green dragons.
    Careful ssstudy (Bronze): Discover everything about Ashwinders.
    Cutting it Fine (Silver): Chop up an ingredient without making a mistake.
    Neat and tidy (Bronze): Juice an ingredient and add it to the cauldron without spilling a drop.
    0 days since last accident... (Bronze): Make a mistake in potion brewing.
    Laugh it up (Bronze): Successfully laugh at your potion.
    Pop pop pop (Bronze): Pop all the bubbles that emerge from your potion.
    No stone unturned (Gold): Find all of the collectibles in the 'Book of Potions'.
    Ready to experiment! (Bronze): Find your first collectible.
    Multiple mixture (Silver): Create a concoction with 4 different effects.
    Potion Pioneer (Gold): Create 15 different effects with your concoctions.
    Chop, juice, mash and bash (Bronze): Create a concoction where each ingredient requires preparation.
    Curious Concoction (Bronze): Create your own concoction.
    You seem a little familiar (Bronze): Find the frog-rabbit in the Shrinking Solution story.
    Pretty thorough (Bronze): Find the frog-rabbit in the Beautification Potion story.
    Wide-awake (Bronze): Find the frog-rabbit in the Sleeping Potion story.
    Funny little thing (Bronze): Find the frog-rabbit in the Laughing Potion story.
    Saving the pest till last (Bronze): Find the frog-rabbit in the Doxycide story.
    Who needs luck? (Bronze): Find the frog-rabbit in the Felix Felicis story.

Additionally, there are 21 secret trophies:

    They called me mad! Mad! (Gold): Brew the Potion of All Potential.
    Infinite opportunity (Silver): Use Felix Felicis to get to the Golden Cauldron.
    Liquid Luck (Silver): Successfully brew Felix Felicis.
    Reducto! (Silver): Successfully protect the Occamy eggshells.
    The pest defence is a good offence (Silver): Defeat the Doxys with Doxycide.
    Doxys beware (Silver): Successfully brew Doxycide.
    Snailed it! (Silver): Successfully gather Streeler shells.
    It's a scream (Silver): Administer the Laughing Potion to the banshee.
    Who's laughing now? (Silver): Successfully brew the Laughing Potion.
    Pluck of the draw (Bronze): Successfully extract the Knarl quills.
    Just resting my eyes (Bronze): Put the giant serpent to sleep.
    Drowsy draught (Bronze): Successfully brew the Sleeping Potion.
    Advanced Herbology (Bronze): Protect the wormwood from the creatures in the garden.
    Only skin deep (Bronze): Beautify all of the Red Caps.
    You little beauty (Bronze): Successfully brew the Beautification Potion.
    A little off the top (Bronze): Successfully gather unicorn hair .
    That shrinking feeling (Bronze): Shrink the troll with your Shrinking Solution.
    A little knowledge (Bronze): Successfully brew the Shrinking Solution.
    Herbologist (Bronze): Save the daisies from the creatures in the garden.
    A clean bill of elf (Bronze): Cured the house-elf's boils with your potion.
    Something's brewing... (Bronze): Complete the first page and begin your journey...
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