Lords of the Fallen Review
PS4 | Xbox One | PC
Lords of the Fallen Box Art
System: PC*, PS4, Xbox One
Dev: Deck 13 Interactive, CI Games
Pub: Bandai Namco
Release: October 28, 2014
Players: 1
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Blood, Violence

“Risk” is perhaps the most fun part in Lords of the Fallen. In games like Dark Souls, you can’t afford to take any risks. You have to play ultra-conservatively to tackle the games ultra-hard difficulty. Lords of the Fallen, however, just doesn’t have as much at stake. You aren’t playing with anyone, you aren’t losing your items, and even if you do lose your XP you can get it back just as quickly. It’s a Dark Souls type game that you can play a bit more fast and loose, and for that reason it is quite enjoyable.

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It’s a shame, then, that all other aspects of the game come up short. The voice acting isn’t that great. The character models look like they are dragged out of an eighties medieval comic book. Animations can feel stiff at times. Environments are wholly uninteresting swapping back and from castle to mountain to dungeon to mountain to anything else that the game can render in a muted shade of grey or brown. The most interesting place you’ll get to go is the home dimension of your enemy, and even that is a short and wholly unimpressive romp.

But even with its bland environment and uninteresting story, Lords of the Fallen is fun. The combat is enjoyable, leveling up is a blast, and when you beat the game you unlock New Game Plus which is a great treat. In a game that seems to build itself off the ability to be broken in a format where you feel underpowered, New Game Plus is just the icing on the overpowered cake.

Angelo M. D’Argenio
Contributing Writer
Date: October 30, 2014

For a next-gen game, it’s not too impressive, but that’s mostly due to the world design.
The controls feel tight, though the movement is slow.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
The voice acting leaves something to be desired, but that’s also because the plot is not all that interesting.
Play Value
As a casual styled Dark Souls type game, it’s quite fun.
Overall Rating - Good
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • Medieval fantasy world: Filled with chaos and lethal danger, where player never feels safe; The full history of both world and the player character unveils and dramatically changes throughout the gameplay
  • Fighting against the formidable Lords and Generals: Even regular opponents make up a challenging duels; Over 15 boss encounters including giant beasts; Opponents include both supernatural beings and humans
  • The combat system with many complex skills: Large variety of tactical medieval based weapon fighting techniques; Powerful and spectacular supernatural skills
  • Large variety of items and gear: Classes of gear: Warrior, Rogue, Cleric; Tons of hidden objects and locations; Freedom of mixing different classes for both gear and skills

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