Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Strategy Guide

Revisit Boss stages

Stand on the middle platform of a warp room. Then, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Triangle and press Up when Crash points up or down. Note: You only can return to Bosses you have previously encountered.

Bonus voodoo mask

After losing a life, hold Up + Circle until Crash moves again. Alternatively, while in a warp tunnel, press X(2), then hold X + Up. Release the buttons when Crash receives a voodoo mask after the next life is lost.

Spyro: Year Of The Dragon demo

At the title screen, press L1 + R1. Press Start at the opening screen. Note: This is only appears in later versions of the game.

Faster Crash Bandicoot

Note: This trick requires a DualShock controller. Press L3 and R3 rapidly and Crash will become a little bit short and faster.

Secret exit locations

Go to the indicated location in the listed level to find a secret exit:

    Level 7: Air Crash (Warp Room 2): Shortly after the start of the level, you are supposed to use a surfboard in a water section. Do not jump on the surfboard (first surfboard of the level). Instead, look for a stone platform on the right side of the water. Jump on the floating crates to get to the stone platform to instantly complete the level. It may take a few tries to do the jumps perfectly, but at least it is very early in the level so you can get there quickly if you lost all lives.

    Level 13: Bear Down (Warp Room 3): You will be riding a polar bear in this level. At the very end of the level, the bear will throw you over a pool of water to the exit. With your back facing the exit, look for some platforms in the pool of water. Quickly jump over those platforms to the hidden exit on the other end of the pool. Be careful, as the platforms will disappear after 2-3 seconds -- so you need to jump fast.

    Level 15: Unbearable (Warp Room 3): At the end of the level, you will be riding a polar bear while a bigger bear is chasing after you. Once the small bear throws you off his back, you will be standing in front of the level exit. Turn around and slide-jump back the way you came. Press Circle to slide and X to jump. You must time it perfectly to jump right off the edge. It can be a tricky jump to make. The small polar bear will be sitting on the ground. Touch the bear to tigger the secret exit.

    Level 16: Hangin' Out (Warp Room 4): After dropping through the second hole in the level, you will be in a room with bright blue water (can walk in it) and a checkpoint crate. After activating the checkpoint, turn around and walk through the pool of water until you reach the end of the area. There is another hole in the ground. Drop through it to be in a room with lava and drones. Get past the drones to automatically land in the secret exit.

    Level 17: Diggin' It (Warp Room 4): After the death route rejoins with the default path, you will reach a pit with two plants firing projectiles at you. Jump on the enemy plant that is on the little platform in the middle of the pit. Perform a body slam (press Circle mid-air) to kill it and instantly trigger the secret exit.

Alternate ending

Successfully complete the game with a 100% completion (all gems and collectibles) to view an alternate ending sequence.

Skip introduction

At the start of the game, Coco will ask Crash to go find batteries for her low powered laptop. To skip this level in a new game, you must skip the intermission sequence where N.Gin is first introduced by pressing X immediately after the opening sequence. Once this is done, the level after that intermission sequence will be skipped and you will advance directly to the Warp Room.

Return to Warp Room a different way

While in a level, press Start, then press Select to return to the Warp Room.

All colored gem locations

Search the indicated locations to find all five colored gems (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple):

    Blue Gem - Turtle Woods (Warp Room 1): Complete the level without breaking any boxes. In the area with the two boxes stacked together, jump on the one with the metal bars because it does not break from a single jump,.

    Red Gem - Snow Go (Warp Room 1): First, find the secret exit in the "Air Crash" level by jumping over the floating crates at the second checkpoint to reach a platform in the water to teleport to the warp room in the basement. Then, go through the portal to reach the "Snow Go" level with the red gem. Note: Starting the "Snow Go" level from Warp Room 1 does not work. It has to be through the portal in the basement, which only unlocks after finding the secret exit in the "Air Crash" level.

    Green Gem - The Eel Deal (Warp Room 2): Approximately 40 seconds into the level, the path splits. Take the right path into the room with lots of nitro boxes. There is a fake wall at the end of the room that you can walk through that leads to a secret route with the green gem at the end of it.

    Yellow Gem - Plant Food (Warp Room 3): Speedrun the level before time runs out to get it. The timer starts after the second checkpoint.

    Purple Gem: Bee-having (Warp Room 4): About halfway through the level, you see some nitro boxes stacked together that look like stairs. Jump on the nitro boxes, and they will warp you to a secret route. Complete the route to get the gem.

Clear gem

Successfully complete all levels and smash all boxes. At the end, instead of showing how many boxes you missed, will be a clear gem.

Infinite lives

At the first checkpoint box in the "Bee-Having" level (Warp Room 4), before an electric trap, you can find a bee-hive. Stand in front of the hive. When the bees spawn, slide-attack (Square + Circle) into the hive to instantly kill the bees. It takes a little bit of practice to get the timing down. When all the bees die, you get an extra life. The bees keep respawning infinitely every few seconds. Thus, you can farm 99 lives within 7 minutes. Even if you die, the checkpoint is just a few steps away.

Extra lives

In the second warp room (level 6-10), jump on the baby polar bear's head to collect ten extra lives.

After defeating the first master, you will see a dog on the second world. Go to it and press Circle repeatedly to get a lot of lives.

Extra items

Find an arrow box and jump on it 200 - 299 times, and then jump on top of an enemy to get an extra crystals. Jump on it 300 - 399 times, and then jump on top of an enemy to get extra gems. This trick allows you to get a total of 64 crystals and gems.

Extra time in race levels

In the levels where you must race against a clock for a gem ("Hang Eight" and "Plant Food"), it is possible to get more time. While the clock is running, enter the bonus area. As soon as you are there, purposely fail by jumping off the side of a platform. When you respawn in the level, the clock will have restarted with even more time than in the beginning of the race.

Getting more than 99 lives

Get 99 lives, then enter a level. Break a life box/get 100 apples, then when the Crash symbol goes to the upper part of the screen and starts to move towards your remaining lives, press Start and return to the Warp Room to have 100 lives. Repeat this process to get more lives.

Boss stages

The following is a list of bosses which you must face after collecting all the crystals from a Warp Room in order to proceed to the next:

    Warp Room 1: Ripper Roo
    Warp Room 2: Komodo Brothers (Komodo Joe and Komodo Moe)
    Warp Room 3: Tiny the Tiger
    Warp Room 4: Dr. N. Gin
    Warp Room 5: Dr. Cortex

All Gold/Platinum relic time trials

There are 27 total relics. Each level has one relic. After completing a level for the first time, you can find a stopwatch at the start. Collect it to trigger the timer. The faster you finish the level, the better the value of the relic. There are three relic types: Sapphire (slow), Gold (fast), and Platinum (fastest). It is also highly recommended that you first complete the game to unlock the speed shoes, which make you run much faster. Without them, it is impossible to get a gold relic in some of the levels.

Game Shark Codes

Joker CommandD0069948 ????
Turtle Woods
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD644 6300
Infinite Lives800AD648 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pick-up)800A0D5C 0200
Ultra Jump800AD568 FFFF
Super Jump800AD58C FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD58E 0009
Snow Go
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD6D8 6300
Infinite Lives800AD6DC 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0DF0 0200
Ultra Jump800AD5FC FFFF
Super Jump800AD620 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD622 0009
Hang Eight
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD618 6300
Infinite Lives800AD61C 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0D30 0200
Ultra Jump800AD53C FFFF
Super Jump800AD560 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD658 0009
The Pits
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD7A0 6300
Infinite Lives800AD7A4 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0EB8 0200
Ultra Jump800AD6C4 FFFF
Super Jump800AD6E8 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD6EA 0009
Crash Dash
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD3C4 6300
Infinite Lives800AD3C8 0400
Ultra Jump800AD2E8 FFFF
Super Jump800AD30C FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD30E 0009
Ripper Roo Boss
Infinite Lives800AD0C0 0400
Snow Biz
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD8FC 6300
Infinite Lives800AD900 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A1014 0200
Ultra Jump800AD820 FFFF
Super Jump800AD844 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD846 0009
Air Crash
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD7A4 6300
Infinite Lives800AD7A8 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0EBC 0200
Ultra Jump800AD6C8 FFFF
Super Jump800AD6EC FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD6EE 0009
Bear It
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD64C 6300
Infinite Lives800AD650 0400
Ultra Jump800AD570 FFFF
Super Jump800AD594 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD596 0009
Crash Crush
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD520 6300
Infinite Lives800AD524 0400
Ultra Jump800AD444 FFFF
Super Jump800AD468 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD46A 0009
Eel Deal
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD688 6300
Infinite Lives800AD68C 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0DA0 0200
Ultra Jump800AD5AC FFFF
Super Jump800AD5D0 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD5D2 0009
K. Brothers Boss
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0B9C 0200
Plant Food
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD4F4 6300
Infinite Lives800AD4F8 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0C0C 0200
Ultra Jump800AD418 FFFF
Super Jump800AD43C FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD43E 0009
Sewer or Later
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD500 6300
Infinite Lives800AD504 0400
Ultra Jump800AD424 FFFF
Super Jump800AD448 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD44A 0009
Road to Ruin
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD6A8 6300
Infinite Lives800AD6AC 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0DC0 0200
Ultra Jump800AD5CC FFFF
Super Jump800AD5F0 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD5F2 0009
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0079948 0004
800AD9D4 6300
Infinite Lives800AD9D8 0400
Ultra Jump800AD8F8 FFFF
Super Jump800AD91C FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD91E 0009
Bear Down
Infinite Lives800AD740 0400
Tiny Boss
Infinite Lives800ACF64 0400
Hangin' Out
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD5A0 6300
Infinite Lives800AD5A4 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0CB8 0200
Ultra Jump800AD4C4 FFFF
Super Jump800AD4E8 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD4EA 0009
Diggin' It
Push L1 for 99 FruitD0069948 0004
800AD9F8 6300
Infinite Lives800AD9FC 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A1110 0200
Ultra Jump800AD81C FFFF
Super Jump800AD840 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD842 0009
Cold Hard Crash
Infinite Lives800AD9F0 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A1104 0200
Ultra Jump800AD810 FFFF
Super Jump800AD834 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD836 0009
Infinite Lives800AD830 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0F44 0200
Ultra Jump800AD750 FFFF
Super Jump800AD774 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD776 0009
Infinite Lives800AD9A8 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A10BC 0200
Ultra Jump800AD8C8 FFFF
Super Jump800AD8EC FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD8EE 0009
N. Gin Boss
Infinite Lives800AD104 0400
Piston It Away
Infinite Lives800AD760 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A19A0 0200
Ultra Jump800AD680 FFFF
Super Jump800AD6A4 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD6A6 0009
Rock It
Infinite Lives800AD4EC 0400
Night Fight
Infinite Lives800AD6C4 0400
Pack Attack
Infinite Lives800AD4E8 0400
Spaced Out
Infinite Lives800AD6D0 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup)800A0DE4 0200
Ultra Jump800AD5F0 FFFF
Super Jump800AD614 FFFF
Moon JumpD0069948 0040
800AD616 0009
N. Cortex
Infinite Lives800ACFC0 0400
Misc Codes
Have All Silver and Colored Gems8006CC28 FFFF
Have All Crystals8006CDA4 FFFF

Note: The "Jump" codes only work on saved games. The longer you hold X with "Moon Jump" the higher you will go. The "Ultra Jump" code causes some graphical distortion to Crash.

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