Championship Surfer

Arctic Beach and Iceman surfer

At the main menu, press L2, R1, R2, L1, L2 to unlock the Arctic Beach and Iceman surfer.

Play as Iceman

Successfully complete the game on the pro difficulty setting to unlock Iceman.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite WavesD00B1B58 0001
800B1B58 0000
Max Points800B1BCC FFFF
Max ScoreD00B1B5C 0000
Max Rating Heat 1D00B1B88 0000
800B1B88 270F
Max Rating Heat 2D00B1B8C 0000
800B1B8C 270F
Max Rating Heat 3D00B1B90 0000
800B1B90 270F
Unlock Gnarly Point Level8009733C 0001
Unlock Rock Piles Level800973E4 0001
Unlock Boiling Point Level8009748C 0001
Unlock Snapper Break Level80097534 0001
Unlock Fiddle Sticks Level800975DC 0001
Unlock Sharp's Reef Level80097684 0001
Unlock Fool's Gold Level8009772C 0001
Unlock Dead Man's Level800977D4 0001
Unlock Time Attack Level800A72D8 0001
Unlock Bonus Level800A72DC 0001

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