Chocobo: Mysterious Dungeon

Strategy Guide


Game Shark Codes

Infinite HP80000B40 800B
80000B42 3C08
80000B44 FB3C
80000B46 950A
80000B4C FB3E
8000 0B4E A50A
80000BC0 00B0
80000BC2 240A
80000BC4 0008
80000BC6 0140
80076470 0B40
Infinite Power80000B44 FB3C
80000B46 950A
80000B4C FB3E
80000B4E A50A
Infinite Money80000BB0 8015
80000BB2 3C08
80000BB4 05F5
80000BB6 3C0A
80000BB8 E0FF
80000BBA 354A
80000BBC 85AC
80000BBE AD0A
Level Up8000 0B50 FB5C
80000B52 A500

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