Codename: Tenka

Level select

Pause the game, hold L2, press Circle(2), Square, Triangle, R1, Square, Triangle, Circle, then release L2.

All weapons

Pause the game, hold L1, press Triangle, R1, Triangle, Square, R1, Circle, Square(2), then release L1.

Game Shark Codes

Joker Command80019EC8 ????
Infinite Ammo80059A6C 0063
80059A78 0063
Infinite Armor80019DDA 00C8
Infinite Energy80019DD8 0064
Infinite Grenades80019DEE 0001
Infinite Laser Power80059A70 0014
Have Red Key800519C8 0001
Have Green Key800519CA 0001
Have Blue Key800519CC 0001
Have Yellow Key800519CE 0001
Have Purple Key800519D0 0001
Have Light Blue Key800519D2 0001
Have Double Shot80019DE2 0001
Have Rapid Fire80019DE4 0001
Have Burst Laser80019DEA 0001

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