Colony Wars

Strategy Guide

Level select

Enter "Commander*Jeffer" as a password.

Infinite primary weapon power

Enter "Tranquillex" as a password.

Infinite secondary weapons

Enter "Memo*X33RTY" as a password.

Infinite shields

Enter "Hestas*Retort" as a password.

Disable all cheats

Enter "All*cheats*off" as a password.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Shield800463B4 00EE
Infinite Missiles80119CC0 0006
Infinite Anit-Shield Lasers80119C4C 0000
Infinite Secondary Weapon80119D28 0005
80119D5C 0005
800FE472 0005
80119CF4 0005
Energy Weapon Never Overheats80119C4C 0000
80119C80 0000
80119CB4 0000
80119CE8 0000
80119D1C 0000
Fast Fire Codes
AS Laser80119C50 0000
Laser80119C84 0000
EMP Gun80119CB8 0000
Scatter Gun80119CEC 0000
Infinite Secondaries80119CC0 0002
80119CF4 0002
80119D28 0002
80119D5C 0002

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