Destruction Derby 2

Strategy Guide


All tracks

Enter "MACSrPOO" as a name. Then, start a new practice race to immediately access the new tracks.

Animated credits

Enter "CREDITZ!" as a name. Then, animated credits of the main programmers, artists, and other development staff members will appear.

View FMV credit sequence

Enter "ToNyPaRk" as a name. Then, a video of all the credits with a background FMV sequence will appear.

Game Shark Codes

Always Place First8009568E 0001
Have 999 Race Points80095692 03E7
Unlock 7 Racing Tracks80079758 0007
Unlock 4 Bowl Tracks8007975C 0004
Freeze Pit Timer80079720 0005
Freeze Lap Timer8009EBE4 0000
8009EBE0 0000
8009EC8C 0000
Speed Modifier8008A380 ????
No Damage Left Door8008A368 0000
No Damage Left Rear8008A360 0000
No Damage Left Front8008A344 0000
No Damage Right Door8008A354 0000
No Damage Right Rear8008A358 0000
No Damage Right Front8008A34C 0000

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