Demolition Racer


Cheat mode

At the main menu, press X(2), Square(2), Triangle(2), Circle(2). The game will enter various screens during code entry. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of an engine. Then all modes, tracks, and cars will be unlocked.

Game Shark Codes

Reverse Joker Command P1D0065144 ????
Reverse Joker Command P2D0065148 ????
P1 Infinite Damage80066E54 0000
P1 Max Points/Always Place FirstD0066E98 0000
80066E98 0FFF
P2 Infinite Damage8006720C 0000
P2 Max Score/Always Place FirstD0067250 0000
80067250 0FFF
Drive Thru Cars8009595E 2400
Unlock Chase Mode300596F5 0000
Unlock Chicken Mode300596F6 0000
Unlock Suicide Mode300596F8 0000
Unlock Semi Pro League30064B30 0000
Unlock Pro League30064B34 0000
Unlock Endurance League30064B38 0000
Unlock Redneck Raceway Track300596CD 0000
Unlock Lyon Stadium Track300596D2 0000
Unlock Meltdown Track300596D3 0000
Unlock Hunters Quarry Track300596D5 0000
Unlock Chemical Plant Track300596D7 0000
Unlock Scrap Heap Track300596D8 0000
Unlock Go Cart Carnage Track300596D9 0000
Unlock Pelton Stadium Track300596DA 0000
Unlock Reverse Tracks300596DC 0000
Unlock Predator Car300596EF 0000
Unlock Renegade Car300596F0 0000
Unlock Mantis Car300596F1 0000
Unlock Widowmaker Car300596F2 0000
Unlock Vandal Car300596F3 0000

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