Destruction Derby Raw



Enter "INVICIBILITY" as a code.

Police car

Enter "MINIBUS" as a code.


Enter "SEDAN" as a code.

Game Shark Codes

Reverse Joker CommandD00AA5C0 ????
Infinite Damage Left Front300E0154 0000
Infinite Damage Right Right300E0155 0000
Infinite Damage Left Middle300E0156 0000
Infinite Damage Right Middle300E0157 0000
Infinite Damage Left Rear300E0158 0000
Infinite Damage Right Rear300E0159 0000
Infinite DamageD0029C28 0001
80029C26 2400
No Handling DamageD00D5C52 0001
800AA724 0000
Total Laps ModifierD00D5C52 0001
800AA40C 00??
Alway Start on Last Lap (Assault Battle Mode)D00BF120 FFFF
C20AA40C 0004
800BF120 0000
Start on Lap Modifier (Assault Battle Mode)D00BF120 0000
800BF120 00??
Always on Lap Modifier (Assault Battle Mode)800BF120 00??
Max Points (Assault Battle Mode)800BF07C 270F
Max Points (All Other Modes)800BEA78 270F
Infinite Time to Pass Da Bomb (Pass Da Bomb Battle Mode)800BFDCC 00FF
Wreckin' Racing Mode Codes
Alway Start on Last LapD00BEB1C FFFF
C20AA40C 0004
800BEB1C 0000
Start on Lap ModifierD00BEB1C 0000
800BEB1C 00??
Always on Lap Modifier800BEB1C 00??
Dragonfly Max Points Achieved800C0C28 FFFF
800C0C2A 7FFF
Dragonfly Points Achieved Modifier800C0C28 ????
Unlock Path to Oilslick300C0C65 0000
Oilslick Max Points Achieved800C0C50 FFFF
800C0C52 7FFF
Oilslick Points Achieved Modifier800C0C50 ????
Unlock Path to Axe Head300C0C8D 0000
Axe Head Max Points Achieved800C0C78 FFFF
800C0C7A 7FFF
Axe Head Points Achieved Modifier800C0C78 ????
Unlock Path to Fall Out300C0CB5 0000
Fall Out Max Points Achieved800C0CA0 FFFF
800C0CA2 7FFF
Fall Out Points Achieved Modifier800C0CA0 ????
Unlock Path to Overflow300C0CDB 0000
Overflow Max Points Achieved800C0CC8 FFFF
Overflow Points Achieved Modifier800C0CC8 ????
Unlock Path to Up N Over300C0D05 0000
Up N Over Max Points Achieved800C0CF0 FFFF
800C0CF2 7FFF
Up N Over Points Achieved Modifier800C0CF0 ????
Unlock Path to Sidewinder300C0D2B 0000
Sidewinder Max Points Achieved800C0D18 FFFF
800C0D1A 7FFF
Sidewinder Points Achieved Modifier800C0D18 ????
Unlock Path to Karsutra300C0D55 0000
Karsutra Max Points Achieved800C0D40 FFFF
800C0D42 7FFF
Karsutra Points Achieved Modifier800C0D40 ????
Unlock Path to Fall Out 2300C0D7B 0000
Fall Out 2 Max Points Achieved800C0D68 FFFF
800C0D6A 7FFF
Fall Out 2 Points Achieved Modifier800C0D68 ????
Unlock Path to Overflow 2300C0DA5 0000
Overflow 2 Max Points Achieved800C0D90 FFFF
800C0D92 7FFF
Overflow 2 Points Achieved Modifier800C0D90 ????
Unlock Path to Avalanche300C0DCB 0000
Avalanche Max Points Achieved800C0DB8 FFFF
Avalanche Points Achieved Modifier800C0DB8 ????
Unlock Path to Up N Over 2300C0DF5 0000
Up N Over 2 Max Points Achieved800C0DE0 FFFF
800C0DE2 7FFF
Up N Over 2 Points Achieved Modifier800C0DE0 ????
Unlock Path to Loops Of Fury300C0E1B 0000
Loops Of Fury Max Points Achieved800C0E08 FFFF
800C0E0A 7FFF
Loops Of Fury Points Achieved Modifier800C0E08 ????
Unlock Path to Jagged Edge300C0E45 0000
Jagged Edge Max Points Achieved800C0E30 FFFF
800C0E32 7FFF
Jagged Edge Points Achieved Modifier800C0E30 ????
Unlock Path to Carpark300C0E6B 0000
Carpark Max Points Achieved800C0E58 FFFF
800C0E5A 7FFF
Carpark Points Achieved Modifier800C0E58 ????
Unlock Path to Jagged Edge 2300C0E95 0000
Jagged Edge 2 Max Points Achieved800C0E80 FFFF
800C0E82 7FFF
Jagged Edge 2 Points Achieved Modifier800C0E80 ????
Unlock Path to Avalanche 2300C0EBB 0000
Avalanche 2 Max Points Achieved800C0EA8 FFFF
Avalanche 2 Points Achieved Modifier800C0EA8 ????
Unlock Path to Dragonfly 2300C0EE5 0000
Dragonfly 2 Max Points Achieved800C0ED0 FFFF
800C0ED2 7FFF
Dragonfly 2 Points Achieved Modifier800C0ED0 ????
Unlock Path to Stadium300C0F0D 0000
Stadium Max Points Achieved800C0EF8 FFFF
Stadium Points Achieved Modifier800C0EF8 ????
Unlock Path to Axe Head 2300C0F35 0000
Axe Head 2 Max Points Achieved800C0F20 FFFF
800C0F22 7FFF
Axe Head 2 Points Achieved Modifier800C0F20 ????
Unlock Path to Loops Of Fury 2300C0F5B 0000
Loops Of Fury 2 Max Points Achieved800C0F48 FFFF
800C0F4A 7FFF
Loops Of Fury 2 Points Achieved Modifier800C0F48 ????
Unlock Path to Leap Of Faith300C0F85 0000
Leap Of Faith Max Points Achieved800C0F70 FFFF
800C0F72 7FFF
Leap Of Faith Points Achieved Modifier800C0F70 ????
Unlock Path to Four300C0FAB 0000
Four Max Points Achieved800C0F98 FFFF
800C0F9A 7FFF
Four Points Achieved Modifier800C0F98 ????
Unlock Path to Cyclone300C0FD5 0000
Cyclone Max Points Achieved800C0FC0 FFFF
800C0FC2 7FFF
Cyclone Points Achieved Modifier800C0FC0 ????
Unlock Path to Slammer300C0FFB 0000
Slammer Max Points Achieved800C0FE8 FFFF
Slammer Points Achieved Modifier800C0FE8 ????
Smash 4 $ Mode Codes
Infinite Money (Garage)80066AFC FFFF
Max Money (Garage)80066AFC FFFF
80066AFE 7FFF
Buy Any Car (Garage)D00344A8 0076
800344AA 2400
Buy Cars Without Money (Garage)D003448C 007C
8003448E 2400
Unlock Colorado (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066C48 0001
Unlock Ricochet (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066C6C 0003
Unlock Raw Van (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066C90 0004
Unlock Cheetah (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066CB4 0005
Unlock Bullhead (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066CD8 000B
Unlock Raven (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066CFC 0007
Unlock Razorback (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066D20 0004
Unlock Bullhead 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066D44 004B
Unlock Supernova (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066D68 0009
Unlock Stinger (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066D8C 0000
Unlock Raw Van 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066DB0 004C
Unlock Cheetah 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066DD4 0045
Unlock Lightning (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066DF8 0006
Unlock Thunderhawk (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066E1C 0002
Unlock Scorpion (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066E40 0008
Unlock Rockstar (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066E64 000F
Unlock Taxi Cab (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066E88 0011
Unlock Grizzler (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066EAC 000E
Unlock Ricochet 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066ED0 0043
Unlock Colorado 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066EF4 0041
Unlock Stinger 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066F18 0040
Unlock Rockstar 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066F3C 004F
Unlock Taxi Cab 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066F60 0051
Unlock Grizzler 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066F84 004E
Unlock Razorback 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066FA8 0044
Unlock Raven 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066FCC 0047
Unlock Monsterwheel (Garage)D003448C 007C
80066FF0 000D
Unlock Bullet (Garage)D003448C 007C
80067014 000A
Unlock Police (Garage)D003448C 007C
80067038 0010
Unlock Supernova 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
8006705C 0049
Unlock Lightning 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80067080 0046
Unlock Thunderhawk 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
800670A4 0042
Unlock Scorpion 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
800670C8 0048
Unlock Bullet 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
800670EC 004A
Unlock Police 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80067110 0050
Unlock Monsterwheel 2 (Garage)D003448C 007C
80067134 004D

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