Detana! Twin-Bee Yahoo!


Level skip

Obtain 573,000 or more points in "Twin Bee Yahoo" mode. Then, pause the game and press Left(2), Right(2), Down, Up, Down, Up, Circle(2), Square(2), Triangle, X, Triangle(2).

Dark play

Pause the game in arcade more and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle.

Game Shark Codes

Detana! Twin-Bee
Infinite Lives P1 & P2800AC50C 0303
Infinite Barrier P18007FC00 0009
8007FC02 0040
Infinite Barrier P28007FC20 0009
8007 FC22 0040
Twin-Bee Yahoo!
Infinite Lives P1801D695A 0002
Infinite Lives P2801D698A 0002

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