Game Shark Codes

Infinite EP800A7E54 00C8
Infinite SP800A7E56 03E8
Infinite HP800A7E52 03E8
Infinite Laser800A7E94 00C8
Infinite Zax Ammo800A7EA6 01F4
Infinite Veda Missiles800A7EAC 0028
Infinite Splash Arrow Missiles800A7EAE 0028
Infinite Napalm Launcher Missiles800A7EB0 0028
Infinite Erosion Missiles800A7EB2 0028
Infinite Brain Destructor Missiles800A7EB4 0028
Infinite Float Mine Missiles800A7EB6 0028
Energy Tank Always Full80017E98 0020
Elapsd Time is Always 00:00800D6364 0000
800DBF88 0000

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