Game Shark Codes

Infinite Continues P1800A0618 0005
Infinite Lives P1800A6364 0063
Infinite Health P1800A6396 0063
Stop All Timers800A0834 012B
Rapid Fire P1800A6384 0000
Always Have Laser Site P1800A63F8 0001
Always Have Orbs P1800A6352 0003
Have All Keys800B6BAC 0500
Have All Passcards800B6B84 0101
800B6B82 0100
800B6B86 0001
Max Score P1800A6344 6E7F
800A6346 0651
Infinite Ammo P1 (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50001202 0000
800A63C8 03E7
800A63BE 03E7

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