King Of Fighters '95

Strategy Guide


Select team play

At the character select screen, hold Start and press Up + Circle, Down + Triangle, Left + X, Right + Square, Up + Circle. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a tone. Now the same character may now be selected multiple times for the same team.

Play as the Bosses

At the character selection screen, select "Yes" for the "Team Edit" option. Then, hold Start and press Up + Circle, Right + Square, Left + X, Down + Triangle. Now Omega Rugal and Saishu Kunsanagi will appear and may be selected.

Win demo toggle

Go to Options and enter the Configuration menu. Then, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a beep. Now a Win Demo Menu will appear. Select either the on or off option. The "off" option turns off the victory picture, where the score is added and the winning team or person is displayed.

Reset any time

At anytime except while loading, hold Circle + Square + X +Triangle and press Select. Now the game will return to the main menu.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Time800F1F34 3A22
P1 Infinite Energy800BCFA0 00CF
P1 50% EnergyD00BCFA0 00CF
800BCFA0 0067
P1 75% EnergyD00BCFA0 00CF
800BCFA0 009B
P1 25% EnergyD00BCFA0 00CF
800BCFA0 0033
P1 "POW" Bar is Always at Max800F1F28 007F
P1 "POW" Bar is Always Empty800F1F28 0000
P1 Never Wins300B41E1 0000
P1 Needs 1 Round to WinD00B41E0 0000
300B41E1 0001
P1 Kyo/Iori's projectiles stationary8008B792 0000
P1 All other character's projectiles stationary8008B62E 0000
P1 teleport to center of screen (Press L2)D008B30C 0001
8008B356 0980
P1 No Energy800BCFA0 0000
P1 1-Hit DeathD00BCFA0 00CF
800BCFA0 0001
P2 Infinite Energy800BCFA2 00CF
P2 50% EnergyD00BCFA2 00CF
800BCFA2 0067
P2 75% EnergyD00BCFA2 00CF
800BCFA2 009B
P2 25% EnergyD00BCFA2 00CF
800BCFA2 0033
P2 "POW" Bar is Always at Max800F1F2A 007F
P2 "POW" Bar is Always Empty800F1F2A 0000
P2 Never Wins300B41E0 0000
P2 Needs 1 Round to WinD00B41E0 0000
300B41E0 0001
P2 Kyo/Iori's projectiles stationary8008BE86 0000
P2 All other character's projectiles stationary8008BD22 0000
P2 teleport to center of screen (Press L2)D008B30E 0001
8008B4BA 0980
P2 No Energy800BCFA2 0000
P2 1-Hit DeathD00BCFA2 00CF
800BCFA2 0001

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