Langrisser 5
Level select

At the load/save screen, press Square, Up, R1, Triangle, Down, Select to choose a starting level on the normal difficulty setting. Press R1(2), L1(2), Square, Left, Triangle, Circle at that screen to choose a starting level on the hard difficulty setting. Note: Only previously completed levels may be accessed.

Bonus shop items

At the shop screen, press R1, Down, L1, Up, Square, X.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Money800DB958 FFFF
One Fight For Level Up (Caetla Only)B00A00E4 00000000
3011175D 0001
Hero Codes
Level3011175C 000A
Max EXP8011175E FFFF
Status30111760 00FF
30111764 0063
AT3011181D 0063
DF30111820 0063
A+30111761 0063
D+30111762 0063
MP30111765 0063
30111766 0063
M+30111763 0063
Move30111823 0063
Attack Status80111788 6363
8011178A 6363
8011178C 6363
8011178E 6363
Unit Hero Invincible80111800 0A0A
80111802 0A0A
80111804 0A0A
30111806 000A
Secondary Codes
Level30111840 000A
Max EXP80111842 FFFF
Status30111844 00FF
30111848 0063
AT30111901 0063
DF30111904 0063
A+30111845 0063
D+30111846 0063
MP30111849 0063
3011184A 0063
M+30111847 0063
Move30111907 0063
Attack Status8011186C 6363
8011186E 6363
80111870 6363
80111872 6363
Unit Hero Invincible801118E4 0A0A
801118E6 0A0A
801118E8 0A0A
301118EA 000A

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